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Quinto Comes Quietly, Lopez And Cooper Together Again :

Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you coverage gossip filtered. Today: Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez fuels speculations romantic, Mark Zuckerberg show tunes sing, and Prince Harry spent another night in America.
Zachary Quinto was released as a "gay man" in an interview with New York Magazine. Quinto, who played Spock in Star Trek reboot, said in posts on his blog that the adolescent suicide gay Jamey Rode Meyer last month, motivated his decision. "His death makes me wish that I had done before," Quinto said. "I am eternally grateful to him for being a catalyst for change in me." [New York and Zachary Quinto]
Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez have "spent time together" in Los Angeles on Saturday, two months after the date of their lack of Per Se in New York. Paparazzi photos of surf star rotates and a woman believed to Lopez (can not say because you cover your face) walking in a SUV. The Daily Mail reports first Cooper also protected the face, "but finally had to reveal himself to keep his eyes on the road, while in control the jeep." [People]
Mark Zuckerberg was the best man on Facebook Aaron Sittig Designer Wedding in Palm Springs on weekends. Zuckerberg had "ended with a sing-along tunes of Broadway" - specifically, "Do not Rain on My
Zachary Quinto Gay
Parade" - with other guests of the night before the ceremony. He also played golf and went at the spa.
Prince Harry spent Saturday night at Belly Up Tavern, a live music club just outside of San Diego. According to a witness that he was "dancing and laughing and going from person to person" and not behave like a prince at all, although some of the ten people who had asked management to adjust the TV so that 'they to see the match of the Rugby World Cup, which they did. Last weekend, Harry left his practice area by helicopter to travel 120 miles for burgers and beers at El Coronado Island. [People]
Joe Biden was a very sociable weekend. Last Friday, the vice president and his wife Jill had dinner at the Blue Duck Tavern in Foggy Bottom, then "put on Carmine Sunday brunch with director Chris Dodd MPAA and family." Director has reportedly refused the opportunity to brunch in a private room, choosing instead to sit in normal people the main dining room. [Reliable Source]

Alec Baldwin, was moderated by Panel Discussion Matthew Broderick is a Hamptons International Film Festival on Saturday, when "a young woman in the balcony was up to" begging "for players to help," because "the terrorists' FBI "was apparently on his trail. Because he was about to exit, Baldwin reportedly said: "If you look behind you, you will see a big burly man butterfly network is here for you." Repetitions actor denied "butterfly net" part of the note, he actually said, requires a portly woman "to break [his] phone." [Gatecrasher]
Ashton Kutcher attended Bill Clinton's "ten-year difference" fundraiser at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday, without his wife Demi Moore. Witnesses say she was wearing her wedding ring. [Us Weekly]
Barry Diller was wearing sweat pants to dinner with CAA agent Bryan Lourd in the West Village.
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