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The question barometer is an example of a poorly designed test questions that will have a moral dilemma for the examiner. In its classic form, the U.S. trial-designer Professor Alexander Calandra (1911-2006) popularized the questions asked students to "show how it is possible to determine the height of a building with a barometer?" The examiner was convinced that there was one and only one correct answer. Contrary to the expectations of the examiner, the students responded with a series of completely different answers. These answers were also correct, but none of them have the responsibility of the student in the specific area being tested.
The question barometer attained the status of an urban legend. According to an internet meme, he asked to Copenhagen University and the student was Niels Bohr  Kaplan, Inc. Manual ACT preparation she describes as a "legend of MIT."  But Calandra presented the incident as a real life, first-person experience that took place during the crisis of Sputnik. test Calandra, angels on a pin, was published in 1959 in pride, a magazine of the American College Public Relations Association.  It was reprinted in Current Science in 1964  in Saturday Review in 1968  and included in the 1969-edition of .
The Calandra teaching elementary science and mathematics. In the same 1969 test Calandra has been the subject of academic debate. has often been reprinted since 1970 , found its way into the books on topics ranging from education , writing , the board in the workplace  and Investment Real estate for the chemical industry , computer programming and the design of integrated circuits .
Barometer Wiki
In Calandra :

Calandra colleague asked a question a barometer of the students, waiting for the right answer: "the height of the building can be determined by reference to the difference between the barometer readings up and down the palace." Student is different, and in addition to the correct answer: "Take the barometer is at the top of the building Attach a long rope to lower the barometer to the street and then bring it to measure the length of the chord length of rope is the height of the building ...
The examiner and Calandra, who was called to advise the case against a moral dilemma. Depending on the format of the exam, the correct answer all the credit he deserved. But the issue of a total appropriation have been violated academic standards to reward a student who had not demonstrated competence in the academic field that has been tested (physical). Neither of the two options (pass or fail) was morally acceptable.
Calandra asked students the same question and received many different answers, including the fall of the barometer at the top of the building, the fall time with a stopwatch, trade, the barometer to the Superintendent of the building in exchange for information requested by the creation of two small clocks and measuring the variation of g from the floor to the top of the building, creating a pendulum as high as the building and measuring its period, comparing the years of construction and shading the barometer. The student finally admitted that he knew the expected "right" answer, but I was tired of teachers "to teach you to think ... instead of teaching the structure of matter."
Interpretations :

Professor of Physics Mark Silverman has spent what he calls "The formula Barometer Story" precisely to explain the purpose of pressure and recommended to teachers of physics. Silverman Calandra called the story "a wonderful essay, which I ' I used to read to my class when we study the fluid ... test is short, hilarious and satisfying (at least for me and my class).
Economic adviser Robert G. Allen, Calandra, submitted an essay to describe the process and the role of creative finance. "Creativity comes when you have solved the problem. And as you can see from this story [Angel Pin] There are many ways to solve the problem. Creativity is the art of finding solutions that are unusual, different, unconventional.

O'Meara used barometer of the question to describe the artistic activities of the steering group of students to the desired end result: "If the question is not in line with [learning outcomes], then the problem is to use its own value their problem-solving.  The teacher can guide the student, either by careful planning problems (this excludes a barometer of the questions), or students guide your selections. If the original poll question, examiner can not explicitly say that the problem is more than one solution, to apply the laws of physics, or give them the "end point" solution: "How do I know that the building was 410 meters only a high barometer "

Herson Calandra has spent as an illustration of the difference between the assessment test and academic education. Tests, including those designed for reliability and validity are useful, but they are not sufficient for the formation of the real world.
Sanders Calandra interpret the story as a conflict and completeness of optimal solutions: "We have difficulty in defining" "best answer when a simple call the Building Inspector (human resources) may soon provide adequate information.


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