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Ellen DeGeneres Show Spoof: Keith Urban & Ellen Is Hot  :

The Ellen DeGeneres Show does not take anything too seriously - and that's why we love it! The final measure of fun of Ellen? Keith Urban, Phoenix Cologne.

Ellen DeGeneres Show is proof that no one take themselves too seriously, even sexy, Keith Urban and his Phoenix in Cologne. See the scam airs Ellen DeGeneres Show below!
Ellen Degeneres Show Website
Dressed in black silk shirt unbuttoned to the waist, Keith Urban country song, to let their hair flying while holding a bottle of her perfume. "Looking for a colony that is hotter than Tucson, but not as hot as you?" Ellen DeGeneres in an application that sensual-as-possible, in the exercise of the voice of a long blonde wig.

"Phoenix. Breakers. Burning. Sexy. Muggy. Fournaise. Fiery. Phoenix. It's hot, but it's a dry heat," the host of the Ellen DeGeneres Show continues as Keith Urban bully with both hands and the mouth.

Country crooner to keep a straight face amazingly like Ellen throwing ice chest, spraying her squirt bottle and otherwise fondling her. Cutting back in the studio, Keith Urban comments through the chuckles, "And you know, you're the only woman on the planet that I wife'd be in place and well."

"I do not know," replied the host Ellen DeGeneres Show about Nicole Kidman. "He may get jealous!"


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