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Zack Ramblings: Bob Harper , A Guy Who Seems To Gay :
Every day, my laziness strikes Apex (or nadir, if you're a pessimist), when I drop what I'm doing, and spread my couch for half an hour, usually with my dog ​​in my chest, and look a little ' shit and Hulu.

I tend to spend this time in the middle of watching something during the game Angry Birds, lackadaisically checking email, or to convince myself that I did not really naps. Recently, however, Hulu has given me a reason to pay attention.

And that something is Bob Harper. If you look at Hulu as much as I (God forbid) or sometimes alone, you may have seen this blonde bomber is still in its wave, endlessly curious points, Quaker Oats Shill masturbation.

I was pretty sure that Quaker Oats have been good to you, first, because of my prejudices about the innate effects of two Quakers body harmony and oats, but good lord. This position, said commercial oats somewhere between a store bought cures for cancer and all-knowing benevolent god who lives in a microwave package and updates of your dreams.
Although I insult anyone on earth until operation with the PEP and the severity of a proposal of marriage, "In fact, the only cereal I eat," I started looking forward to my interlude with Mr. Harper. (And for a fun party game, replace every mention of Quaker and / or oats with the phrase "cock Zack.)

Because, above commercial, Bob Harper fantastic. A simple picture of him playing again until stubble killer, as the sun rises on June 1 eye, and the type of Aryan strength makes my third step gets tough the kingdom. Trade is growing on it, gives us a vision of gold large tattoos, a soft voice and the apparent ability to get his legs all the way up on a stationary bike without breaking a sweat or tear an anal gland. Have I made it clear, but it's cute? But the cute guys are a dime a dozen on television. Bob is distinguished by the retirement ambiguous, but 12-alarm activity on my gaydar.

I am against stereotyping. I know there are many ways to be gay and inflections of his voice or snap your wrist has to do with sexual preference inherent in the hair color IQ. I do not think there is a "gay" or find a way to act. However, everything about this makes me think he's gay, not a good reason. Could you put a checklist minutes of evidence, but it would be in bad taste. By contrast, only one remains open to us high school / college closet: This "look" gay. I know best.

And as bad as I feel to scream Bob Harper on an issue that really has nothing to do with him personally (he wants to brighten my day, not a verbal tour of the farm in one eye) I know: It's hard for me be attracted to heterosexual men. From the day he was 18 years, Chicago Wrigleyville frat-tastic on a Saturday night and take in the sea of ​​wide hips, belly potato salad and mating calls directly drunk and told my best friend, "Have fun, as this may be the dating pool," the hold of the elusive straight man relaxed for the good, the kids can really get.

Translated: I see a lot of sexy men in advertising. I rarely thought of writing articles for them. It 's like the guy I see on the street with his girlfriend. He may have given birth to calves, as Redwood melon, but I'm not thinking about him for two seconds after I had identified.

Take away his girlfriend, and increases the time that elapses between the eyes, and hit me in a week. The difference is that a boy is just for me there are muffin tops when you wear your jeans too tight, and others may - if I liked, was one, a common time zone, I've heard, it does not matter to me to have a boyfriend, not allergic to dogs, was a thing lanky fellow and was receptive to flirt with my sweet to me.

It turns out I'm not the only person to question whether Bob Harper. A quick Google search for his name appears in many surveys of preferences and caressing a tourism article if Bob is gay and was discovered during a radio program. Turns out he was also a coach on 

The Biggest Loser. Who knew? Generally believe that a celebrity should be related to the gay area vague to be unmasked. That is, if he plays a gay image for their fans that it's okay to learn, because it takes some of the community without giving anything in return. (See also: The Presets.) But after last week's reflection difficult and potentially dangerous harmful side trips plus it is good to remember any other reason for a person to care:

We are constantly looking for gay people and others in the world, which can be like us. And if that person happens to look like a wet dream for the middle of Holy shit! then makes the issue even more difficult not to ask.


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