Gary Johnson 2012

Gary Johnson 2012: Who Is He And What Is His Platform?

There was a new face on the Republican debate in Orlando, Florida on Thursday: Gary Johnson. But who is this presidential candidate who has stayed out of public view for so long?
Background: Johnson was governor of New Mexico, 1995-2003, and became famous for two things: his libertarian ideas and his faithful often veto. He was very popular with his tax policies, such as drastically reducing the size of government, and left a large state budget surplus.

Experience: the experience of Johnson only policy was his two terms as governor. He spent the rest of his life in the company. In 1976, when he was 23, he founded a company handyman who grew to have over 1,000 employees and more than $ 38 million in revenue. He sold the company in 1999.

On taxes: "I am the promise of a balanced budget to Congress in 2013 is a 43 percent reduction in federal spending ... To this is added, discard the entire federal tax system and replacing it .. a consumption tax, fair taxes, it would be absolutely revive the U.S. economy by eliminating corporate taxes to create tens of millions of jobs in this country. "

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On unemployment: "My neighbor has two dogs have created more than ready for the work that the current government balance the federal budget today - not 15 years from now, not in 20 years, but now and lay it all .. federal tax system, replacing it with a fair tax, a consumption tax that all measures are only - it is just so it does not create tens of millions of jobs in this country, I do not know what do .. "
Gary Johnson 2012
Education:. "I pledge to advocate the abolition of the federal Department of Education Federal Ministry of Education gives each state 11 cents of every dollar the state spends each, but it comes with conditions 16 cents. While the U.S. does not understand is which is a negative take federal money Donne 50 laboratories of innovation, Member States, improve, and that's what we'll see.. dramatic improvement "

National Security: "I think the biggest threat to our national security is that we are bankrupt, so I promise to present a balanced budget to Congress in 2013, and part of it is a reduction 43 percent of military spending. I think it's crazy that we have foreign aid to countries where we take 43 cents of every dollar to do so. military alliances is really the key to other countries, which tightens the reins. "

The veto: "I pledge to veto the bill, when expenses exceed income, and if anyone doubts my willingness to veto bills, vetoed more bills I think that any other governor in the history of the United States believe that vetoed more bills than all .. other governors in the country together. "

State of the Nation: "This country is freedom and liberty, and right now we are faced with an exceptional crisis, we do not address this, we are in a monetary crisis is going to leave all of us anything and if we look at an example that would was in Russia with financial experience. collapse. ... We must prevent this. "


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