Magic Cube Tricks

How Do I Solve The "Cube" + Tips And Tricks For Rubik's Cube >

first half of the instruction will teach you how to solve a Rubik's Cube, using one of the most simplistic possible. You only have to remember about 5 or 6 algorithms.

If you can solve a Rubik's cube in one minute, then visit this site for a better solution than has been recorded about 10 seconds.
If you have a trait that you have trouble understanding, I will be happy to e-mail with a better example. If it still does not help, I'd be happy to download a video of him on this informative.
And .... No. .. Do not speed up my videos.
Now I will use the Fridrich method, and my average is 32 seconds and my personal best is 24 seconds.

Dimensioning 1My Paso History :

Magic Cube Tricks
(You do not really need to read this. Now that I think about what I think I should just delete this page ...)
The first time I really seen or used a Rubik's Cube is back in 2005 in my sixth grade class advanced science.

Our teacher had many Rubik's Cubes to play with while we were waiting for class to begin. Since it was an advanced course, and all were more or less prone to mental problems such as headaches, we were arguing about dice.

Everyone in the class were surprised when someone ends a page. Since it was such a challenge just to spend a Rubik cube, I decided to go to Wal-Mart to buy one for me.

Magic Cube Tricks

When I took it home to try to resolve it, I was amazed at how complex and addictive little puzzle was. One day I decided to take my cube in the church.

While I was in church that day I found a man who could solve it in about 3 minutes. I was surprised he did was even possible to solve them. I finally decided to ask him if he would teach me his method.During the next month he would teach me a step every Sunday and write on a piece of paper so you can practice every day.
I was very excited about the first day I resolved. I was up late mixing and the solution. The next day I showed my teachers at school and were amazed. (Ok, time to move on a little'...)

Magic Cube Tricks
I stopped when the summer came to solve the cube. In my math class 7 6 degree quality social studies teacher, brought his entire class to see me solve a cube. Since it had been some time since I resolved I forgot a couple of algorithms, so it took me much longer than it was before. I was very embarrassed that I could not solve it. So when I got home I went with my sock drawer and found the notes and began to learn the new method.

When I arrived at school, I could solve the cube in about 2 minutes. I began to learn the method Petrus, but abandoned because it was too hard for me. I took some important tips while you learn the method itself.
I recently started a Rubik craze in school now, where I was sub-minute time with this method.
Magic Cube Tricks

My personal best is 29 seconds, using a method similar to that, and I mean with this method is 35 seconds. My best deal with the method in this instruction is 38 seconds. I'm trying to learn the Fridrich method (one clocked at a record 10 seconds).

I can also solve the Pyraminx with a personal record is 11 seconds and an average of about 17 seconds. I can not fix Megaminx about 10 minutes. (Not very practical), the K-8Ball 38 seconds (as the cube 2x2).

Dino Cube 34 / 2 (out of the sale, I used an applet for the Internet). And Double Cube about 2 minutes, 30 seconds. Biscuit Twin Cube. Its basically two Rubik's cubes connected at an angle. (I got the corner pieces sawn in half and glued together)
First image is a random H (for History)
Second image is a Pyraminx
Third image Megaminx
The fourth image K8Ball
Dino Cube Applet fifth image
Double Cube sixth image
This is a video of me with my regular method. I time of 40 seconds.
The method I used is almost exactly the same except the last layer. Instead of getting the yellow crosses, the permutation swapping around the edges, orient the corners.
My method for the last layer is: get a yellow cross, corner permutations, corner of East PERMUTATION edges.


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