San Francisco Earthquake 1989

Prieta Earthquake In 1989 Holidays :

The Loma Prieta earthquake, also known as the earthquake and the earthquake of 89 World Series was a great earthquake in San Francisco Bay, California on October 17, 1989, at 17:04 hours local. Caused by a slip along the San Andreas Fault, the earthquake lasted 10-15 seconds and measured 6.9 on the moment magnitude scale (surface wave magnitude 7.1) or 6.9 on the Richter scale. The quake killed 63 people throughout northern California, injured 3757 and left about 3.000 to 12.000 homeless.
The earthquake occurred during the warm-up practice for the third game of the 1989 World Series, with two major baseball teams in the league bay area, Oakland and San Francisco Giants. Because the game on the sports coverage, was the first major earthquake in the United States of America to broadcast live on television initial shaking.
Injuries And Deaths :
Fifty-seven deaths were directly caused by the earthquake. Another six deaths were reported to have been caused indirectly  In addition, there were 3757  damage from the quake-400 seriously injured  The largest number of deaths, 42,  took place in the city of Oakland due to the failure of the Cypress Street Viaduct on the Nimitz freeway (Interstate 880), where a portion of double-decker freeway collapsed, crushing cars on the lower deck. A 50-foot (15 m) part of San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge also collapsed, leading to one death on the bridge. Three people were killed in the collapse of the Pacific Garden Mall in Santa Cruz, and five people were killed in the collapse of a wall on Bluxome Street in San Francisco.
San Francisco Earthquake 1989
After the earthquake, the third game of the 1989 World Series baseball championship was just the beginning. Since the unusual fact that both World Series teams (the San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics) were based on the affected area, many had gone to work early or too late to participate in the work lived after the exhibition of the group and parties. As a result, usually crowded highways of traffic included unusually light. If the peak hour traffic was normal on Tuesday, deaths and injuries would have been higher. The initial average took into account the impact on traffic and the game was originally estimated death toll to 300, a number that had been collected 63 days after the earthquake.
San Francisco Earthquake 1989
Damage :

The earthquake caused severe damage to some very specific places in the Bay of San Francisco, especially on shaky ground in San Francisco and Oakland. Oakland City Hall was evacuated after the earthquake to U.S. $ 80 million for seismic risk reduction and renovation completed in 1995.  Several other communities have suffered severe damage throughout the region located in Alameda, San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Benito, Santa Cruz and Monterey counties. Property damage in San Francisco Marina District 60 km (97 miles) from the epicenter as a result of liquefaction of soil used to create land facing the sea. Other effects include sand volcanoes, landslides and disruptions to the ground. About 12,000 homes and businesses were damaged 2,600. Santa Cruz, near the epicenter, 40 buildings collapsed, killing six people. On the beach at Santa Cruz Boardwalk, the building was considerably damaged diving . Liquefaction of damages in the Watsonville area.
For example, sand volcanoes formed in a field near Bird and a strawberry field. Ford Watsonville department store suffered significant damage, including a crack in the front of the building. Many of the houses have been evicted if they were not bolted to their foundations.There was a structural failure of twin bridges across Struve Slough near Watsonville. Moss Landing, liquefaction destroyed the dam that was the way Moss Beach access across the tidal basin, the focus of damage and the abutment of the bridge linking Moss Landing spit on the continent and the asphalt road cracked Paul Island. In the old district of the city of Salinas, the unreinforced masonry buildings were partially destroyed.
San Francisco Earthquake 1989
The earthquake caused an estimated $ 6 billion ($ 11 billion at current values), damage to property, becoming one of the most expensive natural disaster in U.S. history, period. It 'was the largest earthquake in the San Andreas Fault happen due to a great 1906 earthquake in San Francisco.  private donations to support relief efforts and to pay October 26 President George HW Bush signed a $ 3.45 billion rescue package of the California earthquake.
Marina District :

Four people died in San Francisco Marina District, four buildings were destroyed by fire, and seven buildings collapsed. A damaged 63 other structures were considered too dangerous to live in Of the four deaths, one family lost their newborn son, who drowned in the dust, trapped for an hour, collapsed in within their apartment.
The Marina district was built on occupied land consisting of a mixture of sand, soil, rubble, waste and other materials that contain a high percentage of groundwater. Some of the rubble filling was discarded after the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco, but most were of sand and dirt, located in the preparation of the Exhibition of 1915 Panama-Pacific International, a celebration of the ability San Francisco to bounce back from his terrible disaster in 1906.After the show was built residential buildings on the land occupied. In 1989, the earthquake, mud, water-saturated unconsolidated and liquefaction of sand and waves of shock of the earthquake vertical wavy hard ground.
San Francisco Earthquake 1989
Intersection of Beach and Divisadero streets in San Francisco, natural gas, the major disruption caused a major fire of the structure.The fire department selected bystanders to help guide tubes fire from a distance, because the system failed near the hydrant. Water was pumped from the bay fireboat, the Phoenix engines, on the beach, and is used to crush the burning buildings. the structures collapsed apartment buildings were older, contained in the floor of the garage, which engineers call a soft floors.
Santa Cruz And Monterey Counties :

Santa Cruz, the Pacific Garden Mall was badly damaged by debris killed three people, half of the six deaths in the earthquake of Santa Cruz and Monterey counties. about 31 buildings were damaged to justify the demolition, seven of which were listed in the Palace of Santa Cruz Historical Survey. Four of the oldest was built in 1894, the five oldest lasted 1906 earthquake in San Francisco.

Immediately, a number of civilians began to work in an attempt to free the victims from the rubble of Ford's Department Store Group and the Company of Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting, both buildings had collapsed inwards customers and employees. Two police officers who crawled through the pores in the rubble found a victim alive and another dead inside the Coffee House. the Santa Cruz beach lifeguards assist the victims to move.The police dogs have been taken to find the remains of the victims.  a woman was found dead inside the Ford. civilians, who were initially seen little use to law enforcement officers and fire of functional impairment, with fellow enthusiasts and friends in a cafe worker was trapped in the ruins of the thought to continue their efforts in the dark.stopped by police who refused to stop searching, it became a political issue in the coming days. the body of a young woman coffee worker was found in the wall collapsed in late the next day. In the early days after the earthquake were the power supply to most Santa Cruz County to subscribers and some areas had no water. Limited telephone service remained online, providing a vital link with the rescuers.the operations of large-scale research has been conducted to find potential victims within fallen structures. As much as six teams of dogs and their owners are working to identify the many damaged buildings that were no casualties.
Quake has claimed a life in Watsonville, the driver crashed into a panic after the horses have fled their collapsed Corral.In contrast to Santa Cruz and Monterey County in places like Hollister, Boulder Creek and Moss Landing, a number of structures were damaged, some knocked off their foundations. many residents slept outside their homes out of concern for aftershocks further damage, which was 51, the amount of which exceeds 3.0 for the next 24 hours and 16 other of the second day.The earthquake damaged many historic buildings in downtown Salinas, and some were later demolished.
1989 World Series :

Prieta earthquake in 1989 holidays was one of the few times that began in the earthquake of this magnitude occurred during the live broadcast television network, and as a result of the first moments of the earthquake was seen around the world, why it happened. The series was the U.S. television network ABC. At the moment the earthquake, Tim McCarver was narrating highlights sports journalist recorded the previous game in the series. Viewers saw the video signal starts breaking down, after the second sentence shake distracted McCarver and McCarver connects heard Al Michaels exclaimed, "I'll tell you what, you are going to take the land." At that time, feed, Candlestick Park was lost. the network put a green ABC Sports Illustrated audio has been moved to a phone contact. Michaels cracked: "Well, people are more open to the history of television bar none," with cheering fans who had not the faintest idea of ​​destroying the rest.
ABC then changed his "rain delay" backup program, Roseanne, trying to restore power to your computer remotely. With host Ted Koppel in the position of Washington, DC, ABC News began continuous earthquake coverage 17:40 (Al Michaels, in the process, has become the de facto site ABC journalist), while , as CBS News. NBC News also began continuous coverage with Tom Brokaw, about an hour later.KGO-TV, a local affiliate of ABC, then won a Peabody Award for news coverage, as well as radio station KCBS (AM). In Los Angeles, ABC owned and operated station KABC decided not to give the food web. Was issued for his own coverage, anchored by Mark Coogan. However, some sequences of the network is included in your coverage.

Less than half of the more than 62,000 followers had reached their seats when the earthquake struck, and the load on the structure of the stadium was less than the maximum. ​​There was also a project to improve seismic completed previously on the windshield of the concrete deck. Fans have said that advanced in a coordinated manner, as the seismic wave passes through it, that the rules of the influence of light of several meters, and the upper deck concrete windscreen moved in a similar way to wave a distance of several feet. The power stage is lost, forcing the game to be postponed. The series does not continue for 10 days .
After the shaking subsided, most of the players from both teams immediately sought and gathered the family and friends of the stands before the evacuation of the facility.

Due to the importance of the World Series as a national sporting event, many members of the media locally, regionally and nationally, and later attended the spread of his comments on the action of earthquakes to viewers around the world.In addition to the dissemination of news, reporters flocked graphics, and a collection of his photographs was released the book fifteen seconds:. The great earthquake in California in 1989, which was published shortly after the earthquake to raise funds for victims


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