Joshua Komisarjevsky Trial

Joshua Komisarjevsky In The Hands Of The Jury Trial  :

A jury should begin deliberations Wednesday in the trial of a man accused of killing a woman and her two daughters during a brutal home invasion in a city rich in Connecticut.
Joshua Komisarjevsky, paroled thief can participate with him in Connecticut, the defendant is death, if convicted in the 2007 attack in which family members were tied up and left to die in a fire. The trial began Sept. 19 and characterized by a deep test, such as a rope used to tie the family, and the autopsy photos.

In closing arguments Tuesday, prosecutors said Komisarjevsky was motivated not only money but also an interest in 11 years, the family of the girl. Komisarjevsky is accused of sexually assaulting Michaela Petit, who identified with her mother in a supermarket before.

Although Komisarjevsky is accused with his family to murder the accused, prosecutors threw Komisarjevsky as a master criminal. They are the examples cited Komisarjevsky confession, which says to speak, Dr. William Petit, husband and father of the victims.
"It is he who has control of the situation," said State Attorney Michael Dearington. "He's the boss."

Authorities say Komisarjevsky, 31, and Steven Hayes broke into the home in Cheshire, perhaps, William Petit bat, bound him and his family and forced his wife to raise money in the bank. The house was covered with gas and set on fire, leading to the death of 17 years, and Michaela, Hayley Petit smoke.
Hayes was convicted last year of raping and strangling Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her daughters killed. He was sentenced to death.

Jeremiah Donovan, Komisarjevsky attorney, said his client admitted Michaela harassed and attacked his father, but he never wanted to kill anyone. He said Komisarjevsky girls bedroom doors closed 'to give them more time to be saved and suggested that Hayley Petit would have lived if he climbed out the window. He managed to untie himself, but was found at the top of the stairs.
Joshua Komisarjevsky Trial
William Petit, said outside the new New Haven Superior Court of the arguments of the defense and that "were a bit nauseating to listen."
Burglary was designed by Komisarjevsky, who escalated the violence by attacking William Petit with the bat, the prosecutor, said Gary Nicholson. Gas was pouring way to make sure that the girls were killed, Nicholson said, noting that it was the stairs, which were for girls only escape route.
Nicholson said the men had a motive to kill your family, because everyone was guilty of sexual assault, and were concerned about the DNA.

Donovan, defense counsel had Komisarjevsky away from jurors at the end of his argument, also said that the jury should not be influenced by the wishes of the Petit family. He noted that William Petit and his family sat a few meters of the jurors.
"They look at you. You know what I want," said Donovan. "Putting out of mind."
Donovan said Komisarjevsky should get a life sentence.
Komisarjevsky was sexually abused a child and suffered multiple concussions and later turned to drugs, Donovan said. A psychologist hired by the defense said that history has increased the likelihood of criminal activity.


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