Ios 5 Features

9 Apple IOS 5 Features That Matter  :
Apple has added over 200 new features in Ios 5, many of which are designed to help iPhone and iPad for Android.

With the new iPhone 4S planned to go on sale in two days, Apple has posted on Wednesday, iOS 5, the new version of its mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. In addition, the company has released Mac OS X 10.7.2, an update that includes Safari 5.1.1 and support for icloud, which also opened on Wednesday.
iOS 5 is particularly important for Apple because they are areas where the devices are left IOS Android devices, such as wireless synchronization and updates, and it allows the use of Apple icloud service, a key strategic initiative, and large investment in the company.

Apple says iPhone OS 5 contains more than 200 new features. These are the nine that thing.
Software updates over Wi-Fi. :
Android users have long enjoyed, and wireless synchronization software. Apple had closed, and in the end. Need to connect the device to your computer, IOS Cable only serves to remind users how IOS their limits. Good Riddance.
Ios 5 Features
Improvements Camera Software :

Now you can run the camera for iPhone / iPod 4th Generation by double clicking the home. And you can take a picture using the Volume Up button. One point for simplicity. The software update also adds grid lines Optional part for the assault, pinch to zoom support in the preview screen, the ability to glide on the role of the preview screen of the camera, and the ability to hold to lock focus and exposure. (The iPad 2 and the fourth generation iPod touch support closing exhibition, focus lock).
Icloud Support :

While icloud is not suitable for many data backup - Apple only offers up to 50GB - users with a modest number of images and multimedia files to find the service a convenient way to make their archives available across all their iOS and Mac OS X Lion units. It is certainly better than the old way - via cable sync to iTunes and drag the copied files from iTunes on your desktop.
With IMessage, you can send unlimited text messages at no cost other than your time, other iOS 5 users. Best of all, you have to change their habits, text messages - built IMessage messages.
Push notification system that arrived in iPhone OS 3 is greatly improved. Instead, intrusive modal dialog boxes that appear are used, messages are now displayed the banner at the top of the screen briefly. Messages can then view the Notification Center, accessible from any application by sliding down on top of the screen.
Apple's version of a list of things to do is important as location-based reminders and work in iCal, Outlook and icloud. Thus, a reminder to stop by the pharmacy on the way home looks like on your iPhone when you go to the pharmacy. Reminders can be set using Siri, the voice recognition software available on the new Apple iPhone coming 4S.
Twitter Integration
You now have access to one and a Tweet on Twitter from a variety of applications such as camera, maps, photos, Safari and YouTube. Fortunately, Apple, and did not make the current Twitter client useless.
Under the hood :
In addition to the improvements seen with Apple Mail and Calendar apps iOS, there are many new features in iOS 5 that are not immediately obvious. A lot of this has to do with how the IOS interface devices with corporate IT systems. For example, administrators can now disable the forwarding e-mail to prevent messages being sent to external accounts. They can also disable synchronization with iTunes or icloud, which restricts copying files on personal systems.
New APIs :
1500 Apple introduces new APIs for developers that allows third-party developers can take advantage of improvements in iPhone OS 5. So in the coming months, expect a lot of applications that integrate with Apple's icloud and other services.
iOS 5 requires an iPhone 3G, 4 or 4S, or an iPod touch 3rd generation 4, or one of the two models iPad published to date. It is available via iTunes.


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