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Paul McCartney And Nancy Shevell Beloved Could Start  :

There is a new round of engagement rumors of Paul McCartney and his girlfriend for over two years, American Nancy Shevell. The two had apparently known each other socially over the years and began dating at the time of their marriage right in the fall / winter 2007. Around this time last year, there was a round of engagement rumors too, which naturally leads to nothing. So ... Is there any truth in this tour? The reasons he is a big "probably not": 1) the rumors seemed based solely on the fact that Paul has Nancy for Golden Globes, as the date and 2) Paul loves to marry. The latter is good, too. Paul looks like the kind of guy who likes to have a woman and someone to take care of him. But anyway, I'm a little skeptical about these reports:

Paul McCartney may be going down the aisle for the third time - with the New York millionaire Nancy Shevell, according to reports.

The pair of power appeared alongside Golden Globes Sunday night, and 67 years old former Beatle offered her, reports the Daily Mail. They even told his friends and family that they intend to marry, told the British newspaper.

McCartney and Shevell made headlines in November 2007, when they were spotted several times around the Hamptons on the weekend itself. Shevell, a businesswoman, she was still married to high-powered attorney Bruce Blakeman time. But a close family friend said that marriage Shevell was "unraveling for years."

He reportedly met with the McCartney for more than 20 years ago, when their families vacation together, but only began dating him after the battle of the musician's messy divorce his second wife Heather Mills.

Mills won a whopping $ 49 million divorce, which increases the public scorn for her. Comedian Ricky Gervais has been the subject of payment of a joke at the Golden Globes with McCartney and Shevell in the audience.

"We actually came to [England], on the same flight," says Gervais. "I have not gotten to talk to him because I was in front in first class. 'State behind the car. Saves you money. He spent a lot of last year."

McCartney did not seem enthusiastic about the reference to his divorce.

However, his new love may soon make this seem much trouble in the past. Compare Shevell McCartney fans his first wife, Linda, since both come from families with business success. (Linda died of breast cancer in 1998.)

"Nancy would be similar to a rich collection East Coast, Linda, and everything becomes good, he evidently does not, after Paul's money," a source told the British newspaper The People.

Nancy Shevell Age
Moreover, as Linda, Shevell battled breast cancer and has converted to vegetarianism.

McCartney's daughter Stella, 38, had a rocky partnership with Mills, but has taken to Shevell says the Daily Mail. Even former Beatle bandmate Ringo Starr approval.

"Paul is very happy and Nancy decided she was the woman he wanted to make his third wife," a friend told the Daily Mail. "They clicked from the moment they first met their eyes. It is a complete contrast to Heather Mills and are only interested in Paul, the person who is not Beatle Paul. "

Shevell walked the red carpet with her husband at the Golden Globe, and sat next to him at the awards show in Los Angeles.

But it can have some competition. Actress Julia Roberts, who sat by his side, was connected to the cameras constantly chat with him during the presentation. He also said of him when he took the stage to present the award. "If you want attention, to sit next to Paul McCartney," Roberts leaked. "I've never had so many texts in my life."

From The New York Daily News :

Well, I say Paul and Nancy - are a couple very interesting. Nancy is an attractive, beautiful, sophisticated woman, with no signs of visible or corrupt. He is either 49 or 50 years, Paul 67 years, so there is still a gap, but not serious: "Oh, it's just a young gold digger," the gap. In addition, Nancy has her money. Perhaps Paul has learned his lesson and Heather Mills failed, and Paul just finished his "date" and not "married". Here hoping!


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