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Version 2:
OWS Deals / Coupons pages Version 2 User Guide is now available.
You can find here:

How Fast Is Our Server. 

The main server is located in downtown Seattle, Washington, USA. Our data center building is one of the largest carrier buildings on the west coast of the United States and gives us access to all major service areas, such as Sprint, UUNET, MFN, Level3, XO, Qwest, Congent, Global Crossing, Looking Glass, etc.
Here is the test speed of our server:
US Only 24 test points: Average speed: 2028 Kb / s
Released: Version 2.0.5 Pro Final :

We are pleased to announce the availability of the final version of the OWS Deals / Coupons pages Version 2 Professional Edition. Together, we can announce the beta release of version 2 coupons Local Edition.
It's been so long since the last version v1.3. Many development efforts have been invested in this system completely redesigned and rebuilt. We've made it faster, more efficient, more reliable, customizable and easy to use and more comfortable working with.
More and more people are investigating the online coupons before you buy. We are here to help you make money from affiliate marketing by providing vouchers for visitors.
OWS Deals / Coupons Website Script Version 2

It is difficult to say what is new, because everything is new. The new script is faster, easier and more fun to use
New Construction: Version 2.0.1 Beta Build 224 :

Building 223 was pretty good in terms of things, and to build a 224 will be introduced today. It has a number of revisions and the revised model more flexible.
If you do not hit any of the big issues, to build the next entry is "Release Candidate" at which point we will begin taking orders for custom template engine and V2 update requests.
OWS Deals And Coupons Site System Version 2 :

It's been a while since 1.3.6 was released. Immediately after he began with some small charms 1.3.7, then you have lined up some changes to the admin panel with general speed improvements and the branch 1.4, which is known to be 1.5 time with a long list of very good, but incomplete and difficult to reconcile with each other items here and there.
Ows Software
Thus, we found that has to stop. 1.3.6 version is a very good and quite stable, which may live for some time without the new corrections. It 'also a version that was fast 1.xx product development, when cared more about the new feature, this feature is compatible with. He retired. And we need to start from scratch and create a completely new software, which is extremely fast, easier to use, and should be based on our experience and feedback from all those years.
So we did and we are so proud to announce deals with software and system version OWS Coupons Website 2 . Version 2 is a major upgrade, and includes everything.
- It 'a completely new OWS Deals / Coupons pages, which now come in four different versions of the free.
- A new owssoftware.com where you can finally download the new versions, updates and re-launch of their support / package updates.
- This is a new and offers good DataFeed management of sites where you can manage the settings and subscriptions. Yes, there is a free (well, more or less) to DataFeed too.
- It is a great "Links to affiliate links" service transformation that will enable you to make your affiliate link from a link with a single click directly from the admin panel of your site.
.. and much more.
There is no set release date yet, we are in final development stage and do a lot of testing, a new test and retest.
I'll be revealing more details in the coming days so stay tuned. Now it's the first screenshot of the new Group web OWS Deals / Coupons administration.
New Version 1.3.6 :

New version 1.3.6 was released today. It has some bug fixes and some updates to the data flow, automated tools to post (such as import RSS) and integrations forums.
New Release: Version 1.3.5 :

OWS Deals / Coupons Website Script Version 1.3.5 was released.
New DataFeed Integration Server with support for multiple profiles.
Data Feed setting time / fix for servers slow or limited in time.
Offers data streams can be imported as authorized or permitted to be manually reviewed before publishing
MySQL null parameter defaults to date (ie, to correct the default date 13/12/1901)
Limit the amount of labels to the user interface and admin panel.
(*) The admin panel of the Custom HTML blocks can be customized. benefit to the presentation of banners, ads, etc..
(*) Selecting an SEO extensions (. Html and. Htm,. Asp. ASPX,. Php,. CFM. JSP) instead of in advance. Html
Many there are a lot / a coupon or to adjust the release so it is just added.
Reward performance improvements: Connection and transaction display a list of legitimate transactions rewards users to define and display the amount of reward for each store (revised), tells the user his / her total
accumulated rewards.
Free registration for the owners of the shop plans.
Smarty and jQuery was updated later.
Sorcery speed and many bug fixes.


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