Gop Debate October 11

Republican Presidential Debate: October 11 Start Dates Of The Republican Party  :

The October 11 Republican Debate president Herman Cain seen front and center, with Mitt Romney continues. Michele Bachmann has spoken to Rick Santorum, Jon Huntsman was full of phrases, and Newt Gingrich continued to be inflammatory. Ron Paul had some problems being articulated, but Rick Perry was the biggest no-show of the night, mainly based on vague denial and attacks on their running mates. Here are some quotes from the best nights of the Republican Party.
Rick Perry In His (nonexistent) Economic Program: 

"Mitt has been six years and is working on a plan [economic]. I was in this for about eight weeks."
Mitt Romney on leadership:
"I would be willing to be a leader ... You get the country going in the right direction and find a job in Washington, if you do not have a president who is the director."
Gop Debate October 11
Mitt Romney on Barack Obama:
"He brought us hope and change. However, it has divided the country and tried to blame others."
Ron Paul is the Federal Reserve:
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"If you want to understand why we have a problem, you must understand that the Fed ... When there is a boom and they are artificial, whether the CRA [Community Reinvestment Act], or if it's Fed easy credit when you have bubbles, either the Nasdaq or the housing bubble is, they explode. "
Herman Cain Jon Huntsman 9-9-9 Plan:
"I thought it was the price of a pizza, when I heard."
Mitt Romney in his (white middle class) economic plan:
"I'm not worried about rich people. They do very well."
Rick Perry Pres Obama:
"You have an administration that, in general - whether through intimidation or -. An excess of regulation in our energy sector and the rest of the economy in danger"
Rick Perry, is the future of America:
"Let America be America again." [Note: He stole this quote from Rick Santorum, who in turn stole from pro-union, pro-immigration, pro-democracy poet Langston Hughes]
Michele Bachmann 9-9-9 Plan Herman Cain:
"999 Work Plan is a plan, the plan is a tax. ... When the 9-9-9 plan, and you turn it upside down, I think the devil in the details."
And finally, out of the debate well balanced Rep Barney Frank back to Newt Gingrich suggested that Frank can be imprisoned for his role in the financial crisis.
Congressman Barney Frank Newt Gingrich:
"In fact, Chris Dodd and I were in the minority by 1995-2006, so the Gingrich Republicans accuse us of failure. I think a man like Newt Gingrich, who is very impressed with his intellect as he is a bit 'unsettling behind Michele Bachmann has the right to vote. "


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