Gilad Shalit Release

News Analysis: Shalit's Release A Victory For All Sides :

JERUSALEM, Oct. 11 (Xinhua) - Israeli soldiers captured on the control panel. Gilad Shalit is reunited with his family in the coming days, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, told local media before his government has started an emergency session to discuss a prisoner exchange deal with Hamas.
Hamas officials confirmed earlier Tuesday that the agreement brokered by Egyptian mediators and Germany were signed.
Shalit was abducted June 25, 2006, when the Palestinian militant Hamas tunnel under the Gaza-Israel border and attacked plants tank Shalit.
After a brief failed rescue operation has begun negotiations for Shalit's release under Egyptian mediation and German, the Israeli army was diverted to the northern border of what would become the second Lebanon war.
There have been several near misses offers the following years, but none succeeded until Tuesday. The main question is how many Palestinian prisoners that Israel would release, and under what conditions, in exchange for Shalit.
"Netanyahu wanted to go bad like all Israelis, and it finally became possible," said Dr. Joshua Teitelbaum, the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Xinhua said, adding:. "Maybe Hamas has reduced some of the people the list"
A total of 450 prisoners Hamas specific security who took part in the planning and commission of "terrorist attacks" against Israelis, and others would be released until 550, according to the Jerusalem Post.
Gilad Shalit Release
The details of the exact procedure for the exchange of prisoners remain in secret, that remains to be seen whether they will be published for the first time in Egypt before returning to any of the West Bank or Gaza. In some previous agreements in prison in exchange, Israel has insisted that some of the prisoners to be installed outside the Palestinian territories.
Interior Policy :
Israel's main problem throughout the negotiations not only the number of prisoners would be released, but their classification. In particular, Israel has objected to the type of prisoners that Israel labels as "blood on their hands", meaning direct involvement in attacks against Israelis.
Teitelbaum noted that there could be many reasons for the Israeli domestic political timing of the agreement. Netanyahu may be looking for a strong victory for the social mass demonstrations that swept the country during the summer, and a way to consolidate political support at home.
Hundreds of thousands of Israel participated in the presentation of the different parts of the country to protest against cost of living, and criticize the economic policies of Netanyahu and former governments.
STRONG Hamas :
Teitelbaum said that the Palestinians would almost certainly see the swap victory for Hamas.
"It's a way for Hamas to say that" prisoners have always been an important issue for the Palestinian street and see how we arrived at what he did to Israel, "said Teitelbaum.
He believes that Hamas could now argue that rather than take part in peace talks with Israel, the Palestinian Authority under Mahmoud Abbas, has taken concrete measures. And Hamas is not only succeeded in securing their release prisoners, but also to those belonging to other militant groups.
"It 'very important to them, moreover, that there is some kind of result," said Teitelbaum.
Political analyst Hani al Masri Palestinian, said one reason that the case had gone ahead "maybe Israel wants to strengthen Hamas and Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) is now in a strong position, and increase the separation between the Palestinian people. "
Masri said that if an agreement is reached before Abbas's speech to the UN on September 23, when he called for Palestinian independence, it would have threatened his position.
Israel and many other countries, like the United States and many European countries, instead of moving Abbas. Israel says that peace must be negotiated before the Palestinians can reach an independent state.
But after all the international support that Mr. Abbas has welcomed an agreement will be less harmful due to its domestic popularity Masri.
"This step does not alter between the Palestinians, because it is positive for all the Palestinian people," said Masri.
Masri believes that the prisoners are released are from a number of groups, not just Hamas, will serve as a positive role in healing rifts in Palestinian society. "This could help reconciliation between the Palestinians - contrary to what Israel did in this case," Masri.
Since Hamas took control of Gaza in 2007, Palestinians have had two governments, with the decision of Hamas coastal enclave, Fatah and Abbas in the West Bank ECB.
Shalit's parents and Israeli officials have often pointed out that Gilad Shalit has not been allowed to visit the International Red Cross or other humanitarian organization, as required by the Geneva Conventions on treatment of prisoners of war. In October 2009, however, Hamas released a video of Shalit said that the Israeli government to negotiate his release.


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