Giuliana Rancic Breast Cancer

"I Have Breast Cancer", Reveals E! 37 Anchor Giuliana Rancic More Information: 

TV presenter Giuliana Rancic has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
E! Network News and reception style, 37 years, she discovered she had cancer when making an offer in vitro fertilization pregnancy.
However, doctors are optimistic about their cancer is diagnosed early, and will make a full recovery.

Rancic, made the announcement on NBC Today Show this morning, admitting that she will undergo surgery this week.
She said: "Thanks to my attempt to get pregnant through IVF, sadly noticed that with breast cancer early stage. It was a shock."
Bill Rancic and her husband was preparing to undergo a third round of IVF after two failed attempts when a doctor called a mammogram.
He was initially reluctant, because he himself considered a young person to be in danger, but the doctor has asked that a test run, since the surge of hormones during pregnancy may accelerate cancer.

He explained: "I was not ready to get a mammogram until I was 40 years, as I have said that never in my wildest dreams expect something wrong And 'was just a kick in the stomach ...

Giuliana Rancic Breast Cancer

Recalling the moment he discovered, Rancic said, "I went to hospital in Los Angeles, when he came to tell me, tell me quickly, saying only:" Sorry, you have breast cancer. "
"This is what you expect, but much more, it was like, incredible snapshots sobs and the world comes crashing down around me. I could not believe it - 36 years with no family history? I could not believe it."
After the lumpectomy, Rancic will experience six weeks of radiation therapy.
She said her husband is "incredible" as a resource.
"The best thing about the bill, mourn me when I want to mourn," said Rancic.
Bill tweeted today: ".. Thank you for all the love and support today ur G is to read all your messages, it will win this fight, I promise, and come back better than ever! "
Despite his illness, hoping Rancic that she and her husband will be able to continue in vitro fertilization after cancer treatment.
She said: "I always want this baby ... because this baby has saved my life. I really feel that God cared for me ... If you were pregnant after the line that could have been far more sick."
Celebrities have been quick to send their wishes for more than Twitter.
Kelly Osbourne, the star with her E! Fashion Police 'S, let Rancic knows that he is thinking of him.
Kelly, 26, whose mother Sharon was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2002, wrote: "I just want U 2 know that I love and I'm thinking of women CAREER u! UR going strong and will win the two s *** from this cancer! "
Country singer LeAnn Rimes, who recently set up with the star after a war of words on the weight, voted in total.
She tweeted: "@ love and prayers GiulianaRancic sent your way!"
Rancic and his 40-year-old husband, who has won the Apprentice in 2004, starring in his own TV network style reality show.
The couple met in 2004 and began dating two years later after flirting during a television interview.


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