John Edward Psychic Fake

John Edward: Psychic Medium Or Fraud, Cold Reading? 

Title of this hub that I appeal to the validity of mediumship into question John Edwards. From the journalistic point of view, are in reality. I want to examine all available evidence and present arguments for and against his psychic abilities, particularly his statement that he communicates with the dead, and made it from a young age.
                                            From the point of view, I would say I believe in him. I do not know if he gives readings cold or are accomplices sitting in the audience or the microphones hidden in the eaves outside, where guests of the show waiting for the network. But I know it gives closure to people who are sitting with John Edward came for a reading with the feeling that if they are connected with someone they had lost. His universal message is that there is another realm, although we can not see those who have passed, we must never forget that they are still there, alive and well on the other side and continue to watching over us. It reinforces this fact, again and again, and despite its legitimacy, it offers comfort, if nothing else.
John Edward Psychic Fake
After reading privately at home and in psychic fairs for several years, John Edward finally given his own show "Crossing Over" on SciFi Channel in July 2000. One hundred members of the audience gathered in a studio with John Edward and wait while he receives images from the Other Side. The public is invited not to give any information or details, just to confirm or deny the messages it delivers to them. He goes behind the scenes, a brief introduction, and begins to speak quickly and "emotional withdrawal" to a particular section of the audience and said something like, "I get a name of M, as M, as Mary, Mary , Mary. .. ? "
                                              Skeptics are unanimous in saying that Edward uses a method called "cold reading" in their shows. Cold reading is a mental technique that dates back to spiritualist movement in the late 1800's. According to, cold reading is "a technique used to convince another person that the reader knows much more about a topic that really does. Even without prior knowledge of a person, a practiced cold reader can still quickly obtain a great information on the subject by carefully analyzing the body language of the person, clothing, fashion, hair, sex, sexual orientation, religion, race or ethnicity, education level, so to speak, place of origin, etc. "The definition adds that cold readers, using a high likelihood of conjectures, gather evidence in their subjects to see if your guess who is going in the right direction. If so, the environment quickly reinforce this information. If it fails, the environment quickly move on.

Media, which said to use cold reading techniques, in general, to ensure compliance with their arguments ahead of time by saying something like "messages that often get is a vague and confused, I need you to help me decipher what these are really trying to say. " In the medium initiates a series of survey questions, the subject reveals more information about him, or verbal or nonverbal response, and the pattern repeats itself from there. One of the most cold-processing techniques used by John Edward, is called "shotgunning." Basically, the medium-fast offers a huge number of very general information on every phrase is a large group of people (the audience) watches reactions, then narrow the field down to a small part of the information until someone is connects.

The opening of the rifle may sound something like, "I have a million names mother figure, someone ahead of you, this could be a mother, aunt, grandmother, older cousin, a mother of six, even for those who created you, who was a mother figure. "

Critics point out that because of TV shows you want to change, Edward seems to be more precise than it actually is. Those who have attended a live taping estimated that 10-20% is the only right time. While this may be true, and certainly John Edwards seems to employ methods of cold reading, surprise "hits" have been documented. Website for Greatest Hits and Misses psychic John Edward, a very successful example of Disney with the ring.
John Edward: 

One of the last validation. He tells her to go to the bathroom, the bathroom is OK and something unusual here, the front left. So when you walk into a bathroom from right to left, there's something there, he wants me to recognize. It 'like a Mickey Mouse-related. It 's like a Disney-related.
Sitter (the eldest daughter of the mother): - Oh my God!
John Edward: What?
Sitter (mother's sister): This is where my ring is that I had when I was in Disney World.

Skeptics also dock the idea that Edward would never say anything negative. Messages to the dead are always pleasant, giving their loved ones know they are good, they are doing well. Yet, I remember, for example, if he joins the mother of the woman, and announced that it was very cold, very negative, with the bitter tongue and a nasty attitude. Skeptics find it hard to believe that all are happy and love the other side, but the sky is not it? Critics also believe that Edward is immoral when they are aimed at people in their most vulnerable, grieving the loss of a loved one.

Bottom line, if its methods to communicate with the dead is valid or not, John Edward is more user-friendly and smarter than his first, robust fellow James Van Praagh and Sylvia Browne. The messages he delivers, is positive and reassuring, providing comfort and solace in times of extreme pain. His treatments have helped thousands of people find peace in the midst of a tragedy for them to go and live a better life, more happy in the knowledge that their loved ones are safe in a place that can not see waiting to turn to us when the time comes.


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