Bad Lip Reading Friday

The Lip-reading Misinterpreting Gang Fight Friday :

Requires a lot of lip-reading skills, and, judging by some of the shit on the radio these days, is probably even more difficult than writing a hit song. But ARK Music Factory has already proven that just because it is a bad thing, does not mean that you can not do. Sharing that sentiment, the people behind Bad lip-reading by using the apparent weakness of the power to create a brand new fun songs based on their terrible music videos lip reading companies. New mouths match the original text so well that you find yourself struggling to remember the right words at times. Most of the words are meaningless, with song titles like "Dirty Spaceman" and "Russian Unicorn", but they can still incorporate a theme ... some sort. Check out their YouTube channel to watch the video of bad lip-reading by artists like Justin Bieber, Black Eyed Peas, Nicki Minaj, and more.
Bad Lip Reading  :

The latest craze on the web is something that is called Bad lip-reading, with some popular smart to run a series of videos of different celebrities or singers, and redub them seem incomprehensible, he says. Some of them are quite funny, but some are not in good taste either.

Anyway, why talk about it, because people recognize that a sense of when you take the things that someone is actually saying and not only interpret, but ruthlessly ignore the size and replaced by one that has nothing to do with what they say, or is (as badlipreading. com) joking (if all) or lying (assuming you have only to do so). Thus, when the player Bad Lip make comments of a politician, and tell the pol tax reform is actually saying: "My sister speaks of Bigfoot", we laugh because we are a joke. But if someone were to dub the sound bite of a credible anti confess to graft, or drunk driving and trying to sell as a serious news, we realize that this evil was a lie.

Cut to a different kind of Bad lip-reading, ie the tedious attempts by modern interpreters to make Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes at the Miracle of caring and sharing. The point of the story is, in all four versions in the four Gospels that Jesus miraculously multiplied loaves and fishes, as no resurrection narratives in the four Gospels is that Jesus rose from the dead in a glorified body and appeared so many WITNESSES. This is what the text says, and continues to say that even after making generous allowance for all the spiritual meaning can be drawn from these events. What texts do not say what the texts are written with care to reject and deny, are things like: "Jesus was a person warm and fuzzy all shared lunch, and when he died and was eaten by wild dogs, they all hallucinating, he rose from the dead, because it makes them feel better. "
Bad Lip Reading Friday
These "readings" are the readings of the Bible at all, because they have more to do with what the authors of the Gospels really say as Bad lip-reading, Michelle Bachmann, it means that he is "really" trying to say: " . If you attack, your hands do not defend "difference, of course, is that everyone knows that people are the words of mouth Bachmann are joking when people take it very seriously, when a poor exegetes cram words in the mouth of the Evangelist that not only has no relation to what they say, but in reality the target is a contradiction and ignore what they say.
The words are piled in the mouth for a reason: Some interpreters of Scripture are ready to counter the possibility of a miracle. Again, not because they studied the Scriptures more than the rest of us and reach a conclusion in principle that the Gospel records are just invented miracle stories to illustrate spiritual and moral development. This is because they have an a priori philosophical bias against miracles is so strong, you just made some bad lip-reading evangelists to take the words they actually said, and substitute the words of his own strength Gospels to fit your philosophy. Only with them is not a joke, because many people are unfamiliar with how to read the biblical text in light of Tradition, accept the list of goods that are bought and sold on a lie.

This is why it is so vital to do what the Dei Verbum says and "read Scripture in the Church's living Tradition." When we do, with special attention to how the teachers understood that tradition, which immunizes against temporary fads and fashion people acquire better tools to navigate the Word of God.


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