Herman Cain Wife

Herman Cain's Wife, Gloria, Left Out Of The Spotlight :

Herman Cain, the man currently in the presidential campaign, but his wife is still far from being seen.
In the five months since the launch campaign of Cain - the last event she attended - she did not organize volunteers in Iowa, has appealed to supporters direct funding or even appeared alongside his husband on stage for a GOP primary debate.
This is a clear difference in what has become a more active role in the wives of the candidates on the campaign trail. Anita Perry was released as a substitute for the strong campaign of her husband and quickly became a presidential aircraft on the runway. Ann Romney has strengthened its presence, hosting fundraising events in solo and in support of her husband. Karen Santorum has sent a Republican dinner in Pennsylvania last month. Even Michelle Obama is already home to raise funds for her husband.

But Gloria Cain remained the family home in Atlanta, far from the pace of the troubled presidential election campaign.
The absence goes beyond maintaining the policy arm length. This is a total stranger, almost never mentioned by her husband, though often speaks of his family as head of the reasons why he chose to run for president.

Relatives of the family of Cain - Friends of the North Church in Atlanta, where the presidential candidate is an Associate Minister or Morris Brown College, where he graduated - they are very jealous of her.
"He's a very private person," the spokesman said Antioch Baptist Church would not give his name. Asked how the Gloria Cain is active in the Church as a schedule to keep her husband away from home ferocious campaign of Atlanta, a spokesman said: "Well And he remains as active as you can .."

An Alumni Relations Representative Morris Brown College, where Gloria Cain graduated months before she was married to Herman Cain called his "support the college through the years," but declined to mention specific events Gloria Cain was involved, or if she had been saving donors.
He said that the operation of Cain was an active campaign to protect Gloria contacts with the media, asking the university to refer all requests to return to the field.
Herman Cain Wife
The results of this approach seems to have succeeded. Only one story is written in the Gloria Cain because her husband became President of the fray, with the caller Daily Alex Pappas. Cain supporter created a Facebook page, Gloria Cain, but it is only 11 "likes" and recently updated information.
Cain also search pages just a little squeeze 'of his wife, 43 years.
The largest database of information about Gloria Cain from Cain's new memoir, "The Herman Cain!" As has been hawking a book tour, as his campaign profile increasing.
Cain and his future wife, when Gloria Etchison, had their first date, when he was a sophomore at Morehouse College, and she was a freshman at Morris Brown. After that, he wrote in his book that they lost contact for a year and started dating again after they recover.
"It 'was the magic of this moment, and then go out with anyone. Neither Gloria. And we dated, dated, and dated," he wrote.
The two married in June 1968 and has two sons, Vincent and Melanie. Gloria Cain has spent most of his life as a housewife, to defend the role of Cain. "

"Some people have certain expectations about the traditional political wife, however, and I often ask," Where is your wife? Why not to campaign with you? "
"" She's home, I answer, "he wrote.
"And Gloria tells him not to work, but she supports me 100 percent. That's all I need."

Cain's campaign refused to Gloria Cain available for an interview. However, asked to elaborate, Cain campaign has filed a declaration in which the candidate has participated in several events.
"He saw all the debates on television," said Cain, and said: "She prefers to keep the peace and tranquility of our family life."
If it will be a more active role, Cain said, "Yes, I will see -. In its plan and timetable"
"PS" the candidate said: "She is my biggest supporter."

In the book, Cain boasted no political skills of his wife and bona fide conservative, but his southern cuisine. He wrote that his "tender roast, cabbage, green beans, candied sweet potatoes, hand-shelled corn and corn bread house" - a meal prepared for him the day before the GOP debate in New Hampshire in June - is the food that you would like your deathbed.

But Cain has proposed a role for his wife the First Lady has promised to be different than previous white houses, and are not included fashion designer state dinner.

"I also asked," What about the first lady? It will be in the mold of Nancy Reagan or Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama? My answer is "None of the above," Cain wrote in his book. "Gloria wants a" Grandmommy project, "something to do with children. As I said, 'I do not know what's going to be, but it will be some of his grandchildren," who was one of my subjects. "


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