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David Ortiz To The Yankees At Red Sox: Is It A Good Fit? 

David Ortiz has caused a bit 'of a stir in New York and Boston media on Thursday, when his comments in an interview with ESPN.

Ortiz seems to be the newest member of the Red Sox organization leaving the franchise in September after the collapse has slowly without removing the good memories of the past eight years in Boston. At the same time, told ESPN that not only seems likely to leave the Red Sox, but that would also open to playing the Yankees rival.

"And 'drama too, man," Ortiz said in an interview on Red Sox. "And 'drama too. I think a lot of things. I do not know if I want to be part of this drama for next year.

Then I asked if he would consider playing the Yankees.

"It 'really have to think. I've been here a long time Red Sox, and I saw how it's all down to these two ballclubs," said Ortiz.

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"It 'great, I've heard. It' a good situation to be involved in, which does not want to be involved in a situation where everything is going well?"

One thing seems clear: Ortiz seems to be way out of the organization, where, as Vice President, Terry Franco and director Theo Epstein before him, has built so many memories. He was a member of the Red Sox, the first two World Series-winning teams since 1918.

Now it is at least thinking about a move to the Yankees hate. But would he fit? Would the Yankees correspond with him? Here are three reasons why the movement did not really make sense for both parties:

1. The contract :
Ortiz was not happy with his contract during the season. He signed his last contract extension in 2006, which was for four years and $ 52 million. The Red Sox took their choice of $ 12.5 million this season.

This season, Ortiz has been better since 2007. He had a 0.952 OPS and return to the teams that had as much fear in their heyday. That said, will be rewarded in what will be the last big contract to be signed as a professional.

The last time the Yankees have given a big contract with a designated hitter, who was Jorge Posada. And only became a full-time DH in 2011. The Yankees would be foolish to put much money in the DH spot again for an aging player. And because ...

2. The other players must put DH :
For long-term viability of the club to come in October, the Yankees have to spend a lot of games in the slot selected DH for players on their roster that sometimes needs a half day off.

The most important of these are Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter. Rodriguez and Jeter played 10 games each year, DH slot. I'm more years. Throw in some games, Robinson Cano, and in some neighborhood of 25-30 games.

Ortiz and his salary will be useless in these games. He can not play any role in the field well, and the first base year is taken from Mark Teixeira, the top five fielding first baseman.
What is the point of paying millions of Ortiz to sit on the bench for almost a fifth of the season? Or forced to watch him play and not be flexible with the range? Especially when there is a better and more profitable option. And ...

3. Jesus Montero :
Let us not pretend that Montero is 61 at-bats in September fully justifies the hype. But they did enough to earn him a shot at that position.

Montero hit 0.328 in a 61-block, four home runs, 12 RBI and 0.996 OPS, which shows why Brian Cashman, general manager refused to him in this year's operations.

At 21, Montero is a viable and cost that can be filled in Catcher - or even potentially corner outfield player if he learns - if someone else needs a place DH. And he is only just beginning to open up the possibility of its batter.


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