Herman Cain 999

Vision For Economic Growth  :

# The natural state of prosperity of our economy. Guarantees that freedom.
# We need to get the government off our backs, out of our pockets and out of our way back to prosperity.
# Political uncertainty is killing the economy.
Economic Policies  :
Production engine of the economy, not spending.

We can not spend our way to prosperity.
Public spending is taxation.
    State expenditure is like having a bucket of water deep into the end of the pool, pouring at the shallow end.
    Then, it is hoped that the changes in water level.
Risk-taking will increase.
    Corporate training and the creation of jobs depend on entrepreneurial risk taking.
    Investors who fund these entrepreneurs and take risks.
The measures must be reliable.
    One should always be a dollar U.S. dollar as one hour is always 60 minutes.
    Real money is crucial to prosperity.
We Must Unite, Not Divide  :

When one party wants to use so that the other party must concentrate on the cup, we must unite around economic growth.
Combine all taxpayers, do not share them with the "income" taxpayers with respect to "pay" for taxpayers.
Unite those who want to eliminate deductions for those who want lower prices.
First of all, to unite "Taxers Flat" with the "Fair Taxers"
Economic Growth Is The Key  :

This is the worst recovery from recession.
If the goal of the president was tied for last place with the worst previous recovery, it failed with 6 million jobs.
If we had a typical recovery, more than 13 million Americans are employed today.
This means more tax revenue, government spending and less people under 13 million as opposed to a reasonable reduction.
The Committee should provide a solution super strong growth.
America can not wait for 2012, growth need NOW
Herman Cain 999
Phase 1 - 9-9-9 :
Current circumstances call for stronger action.
Phase 1 of the Plan incorporates enhanced features of the first phase and take a step closer to phase two.
I urge the Committee to move the Super Stage 1 advanced piano, as well as their package to cut spending.
Phase 1 of the plan advanced in combination with pro-flat tax fair tax supporters.
To reach the widest possible with most 9%.
He finished the full payroll tax - permanent vacation!
Zero capital gains
End death tax.
Remove the double taxation of dividends
Flat Tax - 9%
Gross income less all investments, all purchases of other companies and all dividends paid to shareholders.
Empowerment Zone offers more stops on the area's payroll employment.
Individual flat tax - 9%.
Gross income less charitable deduction.
Empowerment Zones offer additional deductions for those who live and / or working in the area.
National Sales Tax - 9%.
This is tax fairness off the bench and in the game.
Phase 2 - The Fair Tax :
Amid a backdrop of economic boom created by the Phase 1 Improvement Plan, which will begin the process of educating the American people about the benefits of carrying out the next step for fiscal equity.
The Fair Tax would eventually replace taxes on individuals and businesses.
That would end the IRS as we know it.
The Fair Tax makes our products and services exports more competitive internationally than any other tax system.
Phase 1 of the Enhanced Plan - Summary :
Unite all taxpayers to pay taxes and all non-payment of social security
Provides less incentive to evade taxes and fewer opportunities to do
Lifts $ 430 billion deadweight burden on the economy as a consequence of the implementation, collection, etc.
Is this fair, neutral, transparent and effective
End of almost all deductions and promotes the interest
To stop all the payroll taxes
End the death tax
Features zero tax on capital gains and profits repatriated
The lowest marginal production
Allows immediate business investment spending
Eliminate double taxation of dividends
Increase capital formation. Capital per worker driver of productivity growth and wage
Investments will support access to capital for small businesses
Characteristics of a platform to launch properly structured Empowerment Zones to revitalize our downtowns
We all know that the Fed has tripled the money supply since 2008. They have been printing money to finance all the expenses of the Obama machine. As a true reform of the Fed to restore sound money may have to wait for my choice, the best we can do now is to implement policies that increase demand for dollars to help mitigate the risks associated with increased supply.
Economic growth policies equally strong dollar policy.


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