Loma Prieta Winery

You can identify the name of the famous holiday Prieta earthquake in 1989, but the mountains of Santa Cruz will also host the U.S. premier wine-growing sector of the mountain. Located approximately 2,300 feet of these mountains, our company offers a spectacular view of Santa Cruz and Monterey. We also offer wines crafted in small batches and aged in oak barrels best. Have fun!

We produce Pinot Black, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, two of our estate vineyards, and from sources carefully tended vines in the Santa Cruz Mountains. We also source and Pinotage Viognier extremely rare and limited to the Central Valley.

We made a vineyard Pinot Saveria since 2004 and every year there was a gold medal. This year is no exception. Flavors of brambly raspberry, apricot preserve, green figs, and mix with aromas of strawberries and pine floors. A sweet young thing that walks the line between "solid" and "ethereal".
Loma Prieta Winery
Our Cabernet Sauvignon is described the smell of the land of fun water for coffee, clove and tea rose with a lower flow of pickling spices mixed, black olives, and the briar. It 'is also evidence of a characteristic mineral of the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains. Holiday Prieta Merlot is flourishing with the nectar of Inky aromas of currant, blueberry, cedar and sweet. A touch of ripe pomegranate black tea and leads to a long and satisfactory completion.
Our label is a very special story. A beautiful painting described, is designed specifically for holidays Prieta Winery New Orleans artist Martin Laborde. It 'full of images. For example, green hills in the background represent the view of Mt. Holiday holiday as Prieta Prieta Winery. Yellow, red and orange that runs through the mountains are famous for their holidays Prieta earthquake of 1989. They fly in the panel of wine experts is a recurring figure in the work of Martin Laborde, a magician named Bodo. We invite you to visit our galleries to find out more about Bee www.BeeGalleries.com Bodo and Martin Laborde art. The next time your in New Orleans, be sure to stop by the gallery and say hello!
Pinotage Game This Weekend In Loma Prieta :

Loma Prieta Winery in Los Gatos, California, (pictured above) celebrated this weekend, the launch of its bottled Pinotage 2008 won second Amorosa Vineyard in Lodi. The first bottling of Pinotage 2008 is sold out quickly.
Visitors can enjoy the weekend snacks and beautiful jewelry designs by Elizabeth Lynn Moon and there will be concerts on Saturday afternoon.
The first bottling in 2008 Pinotage, released in October 2009, won three gold medals and was written in the Mercury and News Los Gatos Observer.
Loma Prieta was the first winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains for production plant Pinotage and we look forward to their first harvest of Real Estate Pinotage in 2011.


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