Last Man Standing Cricket Game

Last Man Standing  :

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Right, it's time for revenge! England may have been destroyed in the ashes in the past 15 years, but now you have the opportunity to restore some pride with online games Exclusive BBC Sport Cricket - Last Man Standing.
We will give a series of scenarios, which are all too familiar to British fans. The team are in trouble against Australia, with a wicket remaining. But the good news is that you can only inspire a return surprising rival Headingley 1981.
Just like the real thing, this game is about timing and shot selection - and holding your nerve when the match reaches a tense moment. Once you have chosen a scenario you are the drummer and it's your job to mark the tracks who will win the race for England. Hit Num Lock and use the space bar to start the match. You will see the bowler begin his run-up and it's up to you the photo on the right, depending on the type of service. The game will tell you where you need to play turned by turning on the exact number, but you can change this indication off when you are confident enough! Use the numbers on the keypad to select a stroke. This is the right time and will work - but make a mistake and you can be directed to the pavilion.

And if, like so many England batsmen, is the Aussie bowlers are just too good for you, not fear - help is at hand. You can manually turn on the upper right corner of the screen shot, which gives a hint on what stroke you should play. Who knows, if all goes well you may be able to start rewriting history?
Last Man Standing Cricket Game
Key strokes :
Press the following numbers on the keyboard to produce the following characteristics:
1 - Evasive defensive
2 - Forward defensive
3 - Sweep
4 - Cover drive
5 - Block
6 - In Unit
7 - hard back foot
8 - Continue straight
9 - Pull
(Make sure you hit Number Lock before you start the game)
The film is 463K and should take no longer than 3 minutes to download a 56K modem. If you have any problems with the keyboard, make sure you have selected Vierityslukko. If you do not see the game above you must install the free Macromedia Flash Player 5 plug-in.
You can download Flash 5 player plug-in at (the file is 219K and takes about 1 minute to download over a 56k modem).
Click here to go to our help page if you have any questions or problems about using the Flash plug-in.


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