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Packers BJ Raji Is Not About To Forgive And Respect Falcons :

Atlanta - When it was over, the Green Bay Packers nose tackle BJ Raji could not hold back.

Sitting on a stool in the locker room Sunday night win, Raji expressed reluctance to the Atlanta Falcons, and said there was no defense to enable them to do more than get up early one caused by a script well designed plays and a howling mob.

"They have a long way to go," Raji said to be a rival of the Packers. "To be a rivalry, you have to win significant matches. They are just another opponent. They have a long way to go.

"I'd like to talk about it, but when people do not respect you, I do not take it lying down. Those people do not respect us, so while I'm not going to give them in any way."

Packers do not have to give the Falcons in the first half when they dominated the game, chewing up 12 minutes and 50 seconds on the cable road 14-0. It seemed to be a response to a series of impressive play in counterfeits, the receiver moves and misdirection plays Falcons threw to them.

In the first quarter, the Hawks had 125 yards and six first downs and 12:26 of the second that they had to go to 145 From that moment, but the Packers put the clamps stop quarterback Matt Ryan and Falcons offense on seven straight possessions, the last two ends to listen.

The Falcons had waited all season to avenge their playoff loss to the division at the Georgia Dome on January 15th, even mortgaged a large part of their future back into the project and select the receiver Julio Jones famous. But at the end of a match that featured plenty of pushing, they could not beat Packers.

"Now, they are mistaken, for the second time in a row at home, there is nothing to do," said Raji. "If they want to play for us again, tell them to come to Lambeau. That's all. That's how we do it."

Green Bay Packers
Many Raji disgust for Falcons receiver Roddy White comments during the off season that his team was better than the Packers and a few other indignities Raji defendants, including the coaches do not shake hands with a team of priests, after the loss of the playoffs in the division.

Whether it happened that way Raji said he did, is anyone's guess, but it was the mentality of most defenders Packers entered the game. They believed that the Falcons had only a lot to offer in talent the Packers would take over.

"We have virtually ceased to score after the first quarter," cornerback Tramonet Williams said. "We took everything they had. We went to the sideline, stayed encouraged and kept our composure. They wanted to start quickly, and they were successful.

"However, there descended upon us. We knew it was a game of 60 minutes."

Mularkey offensive coordinator Mike came out with a very solid game plan against the aggressive Packers defense, and kept them off-balance with the changes and movement, and play-action fake. The result was a strong start running back Michael Turner, who was seriously injured Packers regular season loss last year.

Until the Packers have found out what was wrong and started to make adjustments, it looked as if the Falcons would run away with the game

"They took us out of balance, which went pretty well," Ryan said at the end of Pickett. "We had to make some adjustments. Just had to do our missions. We have been through a lot as a team. There is nothing we have not lived. We knew we had to get some stops.

"They were great. This was their Super Bowl. I really hate. They beat us after the end of the room. There was no foul play. Just kept our composure."


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