Jets Should Not Read Too Much Into The Victory Over The Punchless Dolphins :

East Rutherford, NJ - The march outside the center of the field for all to see Metlife Stadium, Jets teammates Santonio Holmes and Brandon Moore, united to each other anointed an honorary member of the captains on Monday night pre-game lottery.
It was a show of unity. Alleged evidence of anxious fans that everything will be fine. A message without words, paint a picture for a week of sun discord layer dissolved.
"It was great," said Mark Sanchez, fourth, riding a wave of euphoria after his team broke a streak of three games. "And I think (Holmes and Moore), won the lottery, right? Have we won the lottery? We did. I told you so. They are good friends."
At the risk of crashing the party, he was still a strange mood continued in its entirety. The pre-game scene - and post-match reaction that followed - the impression almost as much as the front of the 24-6 victory over the Dolphins, which took place between the two. This is not a blow against the Jets, either. In a strange way, if the team answers correctly, it could be otherwise.

After a week when criticism continued Holmes' offensive line caused Moore (a veteran guard) to publicly condemn his teammate for the comments, provided that night against the Miami New York is a great need to dress for open wounds.
"We needed a win in the worst way," said head coach Rex Ryan.
They got it. That's what matters most.
So if Ryan, the brand in its own way, also wanted to set the tone with a sweet (manufactured) by sending a message Moore and Holmes as captain, it is very good too. Heck, it's good public relations.

But it will be equally important to continue to address their current situation - both on and off the field - as carefully as possible. To claim the victory Monday ends all this is nothing short of naive.
The good news? The team seems to have made significant progress leading to the game Monday, because it was changing expectations and demands. Darrelle Revis said the debate was constructive and necessary.
"We talked about this week," he said on the internal divisions that have also led to a separate decision to sell off open receiver Derrick Mason. "It's just for everyone to understand that we are in the same boat. You know, sometimes things can get out of frustration or another.
"Nobody likes to lose to this team. When you're not used to losing three times, things could get a bit rocky at times."
The locker room stabilized for now, the Jets can now focus on the issues that started it all in the first place: they play the field.
Jets were lucky to catch the dolphins program when they did, especially when quarterback Matt Moore's debut as an initiator of the team has generated a lot of setbacks for the benefit of New York City. It makes them overcome some of the gaps that still exist offensive, as clearly demonstrated by their inability to convert a first down until 5:33 remained in the second quarter.
While the Dolphins struggled to finish drives, the Jets offense has done little to capitalize on a worst defense in the league pass. Sanchez completed only 7 of 12 passes in the first half of 84 meters.

"Give them credit," said Ryan. "They had one more week. This is good, the defense of talent there. We knew it would not be easy. We knew they were going out of inspiration, and they did.
"It 'lasted only a little', but once you move forward, we are hard to stop."
It may be true. Perhaps it speaks to the Jets this season in general. Once you leave, as they have shown their second stage runs each of the last two years, are certainly hard to stop.
This victory was not a statement game, despite a score that might suggest otherwise. Rather, it was a successful evening that kept the Jets in the potential spiral of despair. And really, when the drama in the last two weeks is enough.

Of course, this victory does not mean that the Jets are beyond their misfortunes. No, neither Ryan nor Sanchez said. Not survive another week, leading a very important game against the San Diego Chargers 4-1 might bring them back above 0500.
"We got a win," Sanchez said. "That's all we needed. These guys are winners, so they were frustrated. So what? They want to win. When you do not win, are all sad. But the guys did a heck of a job. "
In other words: Move along, Sanchez said. Nothing to see.
We will soon know if he's right.


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