Seal Beach Ca Shooting

Filming In California: Eight Dead In Seal Beach Salon :
BBC says Peter Bowes Seal Beach is a seaside resort relatively high-end

Eight people were shot in a beauty salon in the Los Angeles area, authorities said.

The shooting took place in the city of Seal Beach, California, in an area outside the retail Pacific Coast Highway.
Six people were initially confirmed dead, while two others died later of their wounds, and remains in critical condition, police said.
Police said they have a suspect in custody after the arrest of a man nearby. Several weapons were seized.
The shooting occurred around 13:30 PDT (21:30 GMT) in a salon called Salon Meritage.
Seal Beach Ca Shooting
Sgt Bowles said a suspect was arrested shortly after the shooting.
"The officials identified [the suspect] vehicle after leaving the place," said Sergeant Bowles. "I have followed and made a traffic stop and took the driver into custody."

He could not confirm local media that the killer was wearing body armor, but appeared confident the man was arrested a suspect.

"It appeared cooperative, and not withstanding our officers when he was detained," said Sergeant Bowles said, adding: ". We are confident at this point that we have the only suspect in police custody and only "
Seal Beach Ca Shooting
Reason for the shooting were still unclear.
Police in neighboring towns were helping with the investigation.
"The crime of this magnitude is not something he knows from Seal Beach," Bowles said the sergeant.
Seal Beach is a seaside town with about 25,000 inhabitants, located about 30 miles (48 km) south of Los Angeles.
That houses a community of elderly was closed in 9000, and the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station complex, a national wildlife refuge.
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