Texas Rangers Fan Dies

The Tragedy Of The Rangers Fan: More Sad For Josh Hamilton More Information: 

"Not long ago, there were nights I fell asleep in strange places, I prayed not to wake up. After another night of bad decisions, I slept with my heart in my chest as fast as if it were about to break my skin. My mind was cloudy, and my talent was one day closer to being completely lost. "

"I asked to be spared another day of guilt and depression and addiction. I could not continue living in a crack addict, and I could not stop, either. That was a spiral down terrible that I had to get out or die -. I stood there in a trailer hot and dirty in North Carolina countryside, in a strange house, in the cab of my pickup -. and prayed the Lord to retire the nightmare of my life had been "

Josh Hamilton, the first choice of baseball's 1999 draft, he wrote these words four years ago, ESPN The Magazine, after he finally reached the majors. Hamilton had exhausted nearly all their talent for a crack pipe. "I'm proof that hope is never lost," says Hamilton.

Although Hamilton completed a remarkable comeback for inspiration - he won the 2010 American League MVP Award - stay sober was not easy for him. 2009 saw pictures of a drunken Hamilton online. He apologized. As the Rangers advanced to 2010-end of the game all the way to the World Series, teammates doused him with ginger ale instead of beer during the post-match celebrations. Rangers coach keeps a constant eye on him and make sure that Hamilton does not slip.
Texas Rangers Fan Dies
Unspeakable tragedy has been repeated in Arlington, Texas last night. Shannon Stone, fireman from Brownwood, Texas, leaned over the railing on the left field foul that Hamilton received a ball thrown randomly into the crowd. It is a ritual - a big leaguer lobbing the ball is leaving the home fans happy - a traditional baseball field, such as peanuts and Cracker Jack.

But in this case, Pierre fell into the railing and fell onto a concrete surface 2O feet behind a wall panel. Witnesses saw bleeding from a head of stone. Peter died of a heart attack en route to hospital. Son of Stone was in the game with his father, and attended to his downfall.

You know many people here. First of all, you know the family Stone. Father tried to catch a ball for her child, like so many fathers before him, and paid the price unimaginable. You know the guy who lost his father. You know the witnesses - who knows how many times a scene that will unfold in a spontaneous, in their minds?

And you get to know Hamilton. After the game, the Rangers president Nolan Ryan said Hamilton was "very upset" over the incident. Hamilton has won so many challenges, and one in front of him now is not so difficult. Hamilton is not responsible for the death of Stone, but unfortunately, he played a hand in it. What if Hamilton threw the ball just a little 'more in the crowd? And if that particular side of the ball thrown? One can not help but make these painful, "IFS" and Hamilton might be asking these questions. And 'unfair to someone to carry that weight.

Hopefully the family stone do with this tragedy, as well as they can. And we hope that Hamilton is this adversity with strength, courage and humility as he fought so many others.


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