Walking Dead Season 2

"The Walking Dead 'Season 2 Premiere Review :

A year later out of the air, and a great behind the scenes shakeups, "Walking Dead" Season 2 is finally here. Read the review of the first episode, "what lies ahead."

The fans are certainly excited to be starting Walking Dead Season 2, but also a lot of questions about disclosure of this season, in the light of the show runner Frank Darabont fired from the series. Darabont has been the driving force behind the show, and one of the main reasons why the office of a Walking Dead has been a success. Although it remains to be seen as the price of the show without Darabont influence future episodes, fans of the acclaimed filmmaker can rest comfortably knowing that forged the first part of Season 2
Walking Dead Season 2
This is the first season episode Walking Dead 2 ", which he expects" a successful return to the dark world of comics acclaimed Robert Kirkman?

Short Answer: This episode showed Darabont and the cast at its best.
When we left the last survivors of The Walking Dead, they had fled the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, says a scientist depressed and shot a few survivors have chosen to end their lives rather than face the Zombie Apocalypse. As the season 2 opener, the survivors are still at large and the hope of salvation. But where does the salvation lies in hell - and how can a world of barbarism, brutality and death change a person? These are difficult issues facing Rick Grimes and his cohorts in the second season
Review (Spoilers) :

"What is the future" is by far the best episode of The Walking Dead, when the pilot episode (which was also designed by Darabont) and showed the incredible potential that this show a. In one episode we had the terror, suspense, mystery, gore, drama, shock, and even some excitement. Best of all, every minute of the first qualified as truly compelling TV.
Director Darabont student experience this show to a higher level of TV programs can not match. The "herd of zombies" sequence on the road - which was shot on a true course 150 Atlanta zombie extras in four days - is something that not only reached the highest levels of quality television programming - is in the upper echelons of moments of cinematic quality. (I'm sure it was not the only one who felt like they were watching a movie when this road scene.)

After a great start you might think there would be nowhere to go but down - but Darabont and the cast definitely keep a good amount of energy will begin to assemble the rest of the episode. Search for missing girl, Sophia, was not as cinematic as the highway in order (and certainly more similar in structure to capture the TV episode), but that's okay, because it was still a pretty good TV. That feeling of fear and despair were always present, and made you tense, had thought that Sophia could really meet an unhappy end of the year - leaving the mother and other relatives fragile morale shattered by the tragedy.
Walking Dead Season 2
In the midst of high tension, had some great dramatic moments between the characters, who sowed the seeds for promising survivors arches will be in this season. Some characters (Andrea, Shane) are more interesting than others (T-Dog, Dale), but the good of a show like this is that the characters can (and) die at any moment, it is so easy to keep cutting plaster and still give the audience a crash or two, when it bites a person who (no pun intended).
Almost every scene of the evening was the matter, and expanded both the characters and themes of Season 2, so it's hard to pick a favorite. Some of the characteristics crush season 1 had some good moments to shine - Daryl (Norman Reedus), so that sickening scene dissection, or Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) Finally, showing courage in defending the honor Rick - and the episode balanced whole the time spent on each character well, so that no one knew omitted, or irrelevant. Radical improvements in one of the most important things Season 1

Walking Dead Season 2

Certainly the stage with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) in the church was a bit more dramatic (the scene of the entire church was real) but it remains exposed arc this season interesting Rick as he struggles to hold together and driving its people, although this terrible existence corrodes morale - and morale - the same as it is something else. Now that Rick and the survivors are in their first confusion and panic on the world they live, it will be interesting to see what kind of person each of them is they have to make difficult choices (how long can Looking for a missing child in zombie-land?) and deal with difficult realities (death, loss, etc. ...).
Last but not least - what a finish! Just when you thought there might be a glimmer of hope (Rick, Shane and Carl Buck found that having a beautiful and happy time of marriage) - hope turns to horror in the space of a bullet. There are not many shows that are going so far as to describe a child being shot - but hey, it's The Walking Dead speak. Expect the unexpected.
Whatever the budget, Frank Darabont was asked - what creative decisions made - it is clear that the AMC in this episode would have to be prepared for man. Mad Men may be critical to the Treasury (who may be the largest investment in the network) - but this TV Walking Dead Season 2 Premiere will have the opportunity to attract the masses, and ergo, advertisers. Hopefully estimates tell the same story.


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