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Danielle Chiesi - 30 Months In Prison And A New Life :

"There is even a possibility that we one day in prison. We have not done anything wrong" -. Danielle Chiesi interview with Reuters, February 8, 2010.

Have you ever said something you wish you could just go back? This quote from Danielle Chiesi (45) is probably one of these events in his life. Chiesi yesterday was sentenced by federal judge Richard Howell to prison for 30 months, 2 years supervised release and 250 hours of community service. I'm sure she is relieved to be done with the show inside and outside the federal courthouse at 500 Pearl Street.

Chiesi boss, and probably the one that played a big influence in his life to get inside information, was Mark Kurland, co-founder of New Castle Partners hedge fund, 24 months in prison. Kurland pleaded guilty and received at the courthouse before Chiesi .... In fact, it is already in prison and is scheduled for 7 July 2012 published the e Although the judge could have given more time Chiesi, she got six months more than the guy who got it in this company. It does not seem fair, but it could have been worse.

Danielle Chiesi Wiki
My hope is that Chiesi would use the 250 hours of community service talking about his experience with the students in our schools of commerce. The prospects for women were welcomed into the world of baldness, pathetic, middle-aged, male, white collar criminals tell their story in the circuit of talk (by the way, I'm not bald). His story, unlike some others, illustrates not only the pressures of business, but the power of "trying to please" others. Despite his behavior often trusted, experiments like those who "had to go through is hard, lonely and shameful. After enduring sexist comments in the media seem to be playing field when someone is considered a criminal, was even more pressure on him, except in the case. While no one tolerates the behavior of someone who has violated the law is no excuse for murdering his character yet .... But I'm probably the only one in this case.

I do not know where this road leads to the lady I asked, but I'm sure it shows more in-depth experience and a better person. The prison is the time to take inventory of the good things that one has in life, and I wonder why a chasing things that were so meaningless. Church serves about 20 months in prison and 5 months, the middle way. We'll see what kind of person who stands on the other side, but I'm sure I asked the lady has something to say about this world.

"I have the intention to survive." Chiesi said in response to what she expected from her experience in prison. Now is better than the first budget that he gave.


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