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Lindsay Lohan (pronounced / loʊ.ən /  born July 2, 1986) is an American actress, pop singer and model. She began her career as a model child before her film debut in the 1998 Disney remake of The Parent Trap at the age of 11 years Lohan got more fame between 2003 and 2005 with leading roles in the films Freaky Friday, Mean Girls and Herbie: Fully Loaded, later appearing in independent films, including Robert Altman's A Prairie Home Companion and Bobby from Emilio Estevez. His career was interrupted in 2007 that two of driving under the influence (DUI) incidents and three visits to rehabilitation centers led to the loss of traffic for several films.His investment career, guest-starred on the television series Ugly Betty in 2008, played in the 2009 comedy Labor Pains,and appeared in Robert Rodriguez's Machete in 2010.Lohan launched a second career in pop music in 2004 with the album and continued with a little more personal (RAW) in 2005.Attracted much publicity, especially about his personal life.
Life And Career 
Early life and education:
Lohan was born July 2, 1986, in New York and grew up in Merrick and Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island, New York. He is the eldest son of Donata "Dina" (née Sullivan) and Michael Lohan. Lindsay has three younger brothers, all of which are models or actresses: Michael Jr. (who has appeared in The Parent Trap to Lindsay), Aliane "Ali" and Dakota "Cody" Lohan's younger son. Lohan is Irish and Italian heritage and was raised as a Catholic. His mother's family was "well known Irish Catholic supporters" and his great-grandfather, John L. Sullivan was co-founder of the pro-life on Long Island. , Lohan attended Cold Spring Harbor High School, where he did well in science and mathematics  up to grade 11 when she started homeschooling. Lindsay Lohan's parents have a history. They married in 1985, separated when she was three, and later combined.  They separated again in 2005 and finalized their divorce in 2007. His father, Michael, is a former Wall Street trader who has had trouble with the law several times  while his mother, Dina, a former singer and dancer
Lindsay Lohan
1989-2002: Early Career And The Parent Trap :
Lohan as Anna Coleman starred opposite Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday 2003 comedy. At the initiative Lohan, her character was rewritten and became a more Gothic style relatable.Critic Roger Ebert wrote that Lohan "is that Jodie Foster, a kind of seriousness and intent focus in all its adolescent personality. That Freaky Friday Lohan has earned the award for outstanding performance 2004 MTV Movie Awards, and from 2010 is still his most commercially successful movie, earning $ 160 million worldwide and 88% in popularity is Rotten Tomatoes.
It strives to be a triple threat actress, singer and dancer, says Ann-Margret and Marilyn Monroe, Lohan began by presenting his songs through his work. For the Freaky Friday soundtrack, she sang the closing theme, "Ultimate, as well as record four songs for the Confessions of a teenage Drama Queen soundtrack. Producer Emilio Estefan, Jr. signed Lohan is a five-album agreement production in 2002. Two years later, Lohan signed a recording contract with Casablanca Records, headed by Tommy Mottola. In 2004, Lindsay Lohan starred in two major roles. The first confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, received a total box office of $ 29 million, with Brandon Gray of Box Office Mojo commenting that it was "well above expectations as it was strictly for girls. The movie together , however, does not respond to criticism acclaim.Robert K. Old Metromix writes that, "although still a promising star, Lohan will have to do a little penance before she forgives Confessions.The average teen comedy was the first independent film from Disney Lindsay Lohan. The film was a critical and commercial success, raising $ 129 million worldwide and, according to Brandon Gray, "solidifying its position as the queen of the news of the teen movies, while Steve Rhodes wrote that" Lindsay Lohan dazzles us once more. The cleverly written script is a perfect match for your brand of intelligent comedy. Lohan has received four awards at the 2004 Teen Choice Awards for Freaky Friday and Mean Girls, including movie star for small groups. Mean Girls also won two awards at the 2005 MTV Movie Awards, Best Actress and Best Team in the display along with several other cast members. Lohan, then 17, became the youngest ever host the MTV Movie Awards in 2004. After Mean Girls, which was written by Tina Fey and featured several alumni of Saturday Night Live, Lohan hosted the show three times between 2004 and 2006 and hosted the World Music Awards 2006. Speak, Lohan's debut album was released in December 2004, the highest place in four on the Billboard 200 and achieved Platinum certification in early 2005. Lohan wrote along with six of the twelve songs on the album. The album was praised by Linda McGee, RTE, which has awarded 4 out of 5 stars, and commented: "It's about to open all the emotions before and teen angst you'd expect from an artist aged Lohan," and that " even if his singing is stunning, gritty edge to keep Lohan on the mast in this album, "as well as comparing the album to early music, and Avril Lavigne. Allmusic, however, gave 2 stars out of 5, and said that the album "seems more a by-product is overdriven, the culture of celebrity overamplified that the album itself." Although first and foremost a pop album, Speak was introduced in one of the "voices.
Lindsay Lohan
Shooting Herbie: Fully Loaded in 2004, Lohan was hospitalized nephritis added stress in his personal life and record his first album, when the film was in production, pushing means Lohan Vanity Fair, "a disastrous first shoot.The The magazine describes Lohan also as the end of the promotional tour, and was de-emphasized because the movie poster of "non-Disney-behavior. Lohan started dating actor Wilmer Valderrama in 2004, guest star of this episode '70s Show, which was regular.According Valderrama Vanity Fair, the division contributed Lohan and Valderrama topics shooting Herbie: Fully Loaded.
With Mean Girls, Lohan public profile was raised significantly and paparazzi began to follow her.She lived several years in hotels in Los Angeles, two years were spent at the Chateau Marmont. In late 2007, after moving to permanent residence once again, she explained that she spent so much time in hotels, as "not want to be alone," but that "there was a way of life ... no very consistent. Lohan has had a number of car accidents that have been widely reported, with minor accidents in August 2004 and October 2005 and November 2006, when Lohan suffered minor injuries because a paparazzo who was following her for a photo hit his car. She called the police the accident intentional, but prosecutors said there was enough evidence to file criminal charges."Described by Rolling Stone as" a bass-heavy anthem club of Wrath ",  rumors "Lohan details of complaints with the paparazzi and finally won a gold in the U.S.

2008-09: TV Appearances And Fashion :
In May 2008, Lohan made her first screen appearance since I Know Who Killed Me, on the ABC series Ugly Betty.She called the show four episodes, spanning seasons two and three in 2008, as Kimmie Keegan, an old friend of main character Betty Suarez. Lohan had a cameo in the music video theme of the drug in May 2008 N * E * R * D song "Everyone Nose".  Lohan has appeared in various men magazines of. She was voted No. 10 on the list of "100 Sexiest Women" by readers of FHM in 2005 , No. 13, 2006, No. 30 of 2007 and No. 41 in 2008 while Maxim placed her third on its "Hot 100" list in 2006 and early 2007.In a survey conducted by The Daily Mirror in February 2010, Lohan was voted tenth in a list of "sexiest redheads ever. Lohan has been the face of Jill Stuart, Miu Miu, and Dooney & Bourke, and 2008-Visa Swap campaign mode UK and it is against the Italian clothing Fornarina for his Spring / Summer 2009 campaign.
Lindsay Lohan
Lohan has had a longstanding fascination with Marilyn Monroe was in when she saw during the filming of Niagara Parent Trap.In the Spring 2008 Fashion of New York Magazine, Lindsay Lohan recreates Monroe last photo shoot, known as the last session, including nudity, said the shooting was "an honor". The New York Times critic Ginia Bellafante is disturbing, to say "pictures ask viewers to participate in a kind of mock necrophilia. ... At 21 [Lohan] seems even older than Monroe, who was 36 at Original ... [and] are no photographs of the fragility of Monroe.In 2008, Lohan launched a clothesline, whose name 6126 was designed to represent the Monroe's birth date (June 1, 1926). The line began with leggings, before spreading to a comprehensive collection includes 280 pieces in April 2010. In April 2009, Lindsay Lohan released a self-tanning spray Sevin Nyne appointed in collaboration with Sephora.
During the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign, offered his services to Lindsay efforts of the election of Barack Obama, including the holding of events aimed at young voters, but his offer was declined. An anonymous source in the Obama campaign told the Chicago Sun-Times that Lohan was "not exactly the kind of high-profile star who would be a positive for us. She also posted Myspace blogs with opinions on the election, urging voters to support Obama, criticizing media coverage of the vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, describing Palin as homophobic, anti-abortion and anti-environmentalist. Lohan had already expressed interest in going to Iraq during the Iraq war in 2006, a USO tour with Hillary Clinton. Back in 2004, Lohan said she does not talk politics to avoid alienating a portion of its fanbase.

Lohan DJ Samantha Ronson, dated between 2008 and 2009. About his sexual orientation, Lohan said that it is not a lesbian. Asked if he is bisexual, she replied: "Maybe. Yes," adding: "I do not want to classify myself." In April 2009, after her breakup with Ronson, Lohan has appeared in a skit comedy Web site Funny or Die. Self-deprecating video is a fake website eHarmony dating personal ads.has been viewed 2,700,000 times in the first week and has received positive comments for the media.In 2009 comedy Labor Pains, Lohan plays a woman who claims to be pregnant. While shooting the manager has worked with Lohan paparazzi to invite the media to show his work, contrary to the party.It was originally intended for theatrical release, but appeared as a television movie on ABC Family cable channel in July 2009, "a setback for the star," according to Variety.The first was 2.1 million viewers, "better than average" for the chain, according to E! Online.Joanna Weiss The Boston Globe reported that Lohan "seems to be coasting to through a section that requires a little effort, anyway.Alessandra Stanley in The New York Times said" it is not a triumphant return of a prodigal star. ... [Labor Pains] not shake free from the heavy baggage Ms. Lohan brings to this role.Lohan was a guest judge on US-style TV competition Project Runway Premiere episode sixth season that aired in August 2009.

Also in August 2009, the house was assaulted by a ring of Bling Lohan, a fashionable group of thieves led band led Lohan believes that his latest conquest. Video surveillance recorded the robbery at the home of Lindsay Lohan plays an important role in breaking the case, which ultimately led to the arrest of members of the group.In September 2009, Lohan was an artistic adviser to the French fashion house Emanuel Ungaro Emanuel,a collection of architectures Estrella Lohan as a creative consultant was presented in October will receive a "catastrophic "reception, according to Entertainment Weekly and New York.Lohan has left the company in March 2010.


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