Once Upon A Time In Mumbai

Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai is a 2010 Bollywood film directed by Milan Luthria drama criminal and Ekta Kapoor produced. It stars Ajay Devgan,Emraan Hashmi,Prachi Desai,and Kangana Ranaut. The film, produced by Balaji Telefilms, was released on July 30, 2010.

The film begins a suicide attempt ACP Agnel Wilson (Randeep Hooda), under the pretext of explosions in Mumbai in 1993. When asked, breaks, claiming the recent events of his failure, referring to that 18 years ago, when he was sent to the ACP countries in the field of crime in Mumbai, his inability to take the necessary measures has led to Shoaib Khan (Emraan Hashmi), who played a key role in these explosions. Continue reading the time in Mumbai in 1970, when it was dominated by a smuggler, Sultan Mirza (Ajay Devgan), his fall and the consequent increase in power and Shoaib.
After being hit by a flood in his hometown of Madras, Mirza arrives in Mumbai, where he began working as a coal shoveler who smuggle gold objects. Although there is a meager income, he never fails to help the poor and needy and gain their support and respect. Gradually, he became the kingpin of the smuggling in the world in Mumbai. He divides the area between successful four gangsters peacefully and pinning the police in the tire and become responsible for the activities of Mumbai underworld. Despite being a criminal is Mirza turned out to be a godfather-like figure for the people and a man of principle. It is against the smuggling of contraband as it is against his Muslim faith. Mirza has a crush on the Bollywood actress Rehana (Kangna Ranaut) and finally the two begin to date each other, and the sultan to invest black money in his next film. ACP Wilson moves to stop Rihana film funded by the sultan. But he is deceived by the Sultan and Rihana and gets framed for bribery, damaging its credibility.
Meanwhile, Shoaib is a very ambitious person with a very dark and daring in its infancy. His father, a deputy police inspector in Bombay, making a great effort to control it in vain. He grew up to become a famous gangster, is often involved in the theft. Concerned, the father of Shoaib Sultan went to the assistance that is accepted and helps to establish an electronics store. But Shoaib is not satisfied, that his only ambition now is to become rich and powerful as Mirza. Bride Shoaib Mumtaz (Prachi Desai) works in a local jewelry store, who often visits Shoaib and give their stolen jewels. One day, when a customer recognized her necklace Mumtaz, decided to confront him. This angered the owner Shoaib collar overcome and destroyed his shop. She goes to the Sultan to be part of their crime network. Seeing its potential, the Sultan should be taken under his wing. Shoaib learn the ropes and quickly became a confidant of the Sultan.
Once Upon A Time
In Mumbai
Meanwhile, the Sultan decided to go into politics and goes to Delhi to meet with Interior Minister of India, to make way for Shoaib. The money, the unlimited power and unscrupulous ambitions Shoiab take him to complete the operations and Sultan acts are condemned. He began the illicit manufacture of alcohol, accepts the killings began investing in drug trafficking and organized crime works. Finally, when the sultan returned to Mumbai and find out about the evils of Shoaib, Shoaib will meet and beat their immoral activities. This exasperates Shoaib and plots revenge.
One day, while campaigning for his new party, the sultan to the people on the platform, Shoaib Sultan fatally shot, putting an end to the saga of a smuggler who was loved by his people. Lamb, who narrated the story, granted Shoaib later founded an empire, and the works of other countries such as the Kingpin in Mumbai. No government or the power to reach or harm him. ACP Wilson considers that the ideas and ambitions of the dark Shoaib quick money and power in a possible conflict with the ideals of the sultan and therefore provides Shoaib causing the eventual downfall of the Sultan. It fails even to kill the Sultan and Shoaib at one point. Finally, when he becomes invincible Shoaib, that blame for the disaster.
Cast :

Ajay Devgan as Sultan Mirza
Emraan Hashmi as Shoaib Khan
Kangna Ranaut as Rehana
Prachi Desai as Mumtaz
Randeep Hooda as ACP Agnel Wilson
Avtar Gill as Interior Minister
Aslam aisles, such as Patrick
Sanjeev Wilson Chandru
Mehul Bhojak as Javed
Ravi Vardhan that Khanwilkar
Asif Basra as Deputy Inspector Hussain Khan
Themes :

The film describes the growth of Mumbai Underworld, crime and smuggling in the early stages of its connection with international terrorism in recent times. It is believed to be loosely based on real-life gangsters Haji Mastan and Dawood Ibrahim, as the characters and Shoaib Sultan respectively.Originally Sanjay Dutt has been chosen to play Haji Mastan but the role went to Ajay Devgan instead.


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