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Pessimistic, Optimistic, Loyalists Have Their Say :

Recently Shahrukh Khan was relaxed after the re-shooting of his most anticipated film of Ra-One. Some scenes from the movie that was out of sync, had to re-shoot. To the relief of Shahrukh, Kareena agreed to end bit and she finished in time. This is the reason Shahrukh thanked his opponent to the actress through her Twitter account. He wrote "Finished with the last bits of Ra.One Kareena.want thank him for working so hard and fast, it was so sport.hope not have a lot of hot sun tanned." These days, Kareena is busy bodyguards following Amir Khan and Salman untitled. But even in these short terms, it sets the time of Ra-One.So Shahrukh has not appeared before in the 2-3 months ago, Kareena appeared thanking Twitter.
The Pessimists, Optimists, Proponents Say :

Ra One Movie Blog

Since the release approaches Ra.One, ventured guesses on the opening day of opening (5 days) and weekend opening (9 days) Figure weeks of doubt the most anticipated movies this year would be. Rs 12 crore quantify pessimistic, Rs 70 crore and Rs 95 crore, respectively, while optimists believe that the net collections of Rs 18 crore would be Ra.One, Rs 85 crore and Rs 110 crore respectively. There is a part of the trade that can be called Loyalists Shah Rukh Khan. They firmly believe that the opening day all over India would be Rs 22-23 crore collection, would be the weekend session of five days will be Rs 95 crore and net week of nine days would be Rs . 115-117 crore.
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Innovation, The Keyword Behind The Ra.One: SRK :

When it came to his dream project Ra.One, Shah Rukh Khan does not want to leave anything to chance, so that pulling the theater audience. And, he says, he wanted to be "innovative as possible in every respect.
Ra One Movie Blog
"Stella, who was the launch trailer for his next film Vadodara steel, says:" Innovation is important in today's times. That's why I called this Ra.One movie. After all, not many films are named after the villain, is not it? "He adds:" If the film is a hit at the box office, you might as well follow the name of G. One. Much hard work has gone to make this film, and I think it deserves a sequel. "
SRK Diwali Bet: Rs 40 Crore In Marketing Step Ra.One :

Actor-turned-filmmaker Shah Rukh Khan has pulled out all the stops when it comes to the marketing of his magnum opus Ra.One. With 30 brands and associations and marketing campaigns 10 months has long been promoting SRK Ra.One with a marketing budget of nearly Rs 40 crore.
Marketing Ra.One 's campaign has seen a star away from themselves and each other to drive up to the publication of his most ambitious project ever. This is a full-page ads earlier this year, the first teaser for the launch as early as March or even guided tours of the city to promote the film first appeared in May, SRK is created and supported the campaign Ra.One marketing like never before.
Tagged as its biggest ever test of fire, the name of SRK ensured that while the brand connects with its project, even leading television rivals fought his attention to the final of their reality shows.
As for the list of its container from above, shows that the marks, even that is brand ambassador was presented as part of Ra.One. Although other members of the cast of stars, a leading distributor Eros co-producer and even the film crew, it comes down to SRK.
SRK has close to 30 appearances in the last 40 days campaign of the film, which is the highest ever of any star. And it's not marketing, merchandising and also in the form of toys and comics Ra.One were the toast of the town. But SRK knows that the final movie to make or break moment is when you turn on the projector screen celluloid dark room. Marketing and sales must be mad but then Ra.One the room would have to take your eyes light up, who had come to see the dream unfold.
Ra.One Is Breaking Records At The Box Office? 
This is a marketing campaign that has never before been seen in this intensity. In the process, expectations are high. SRK knows the risks, and has filled the gap enough to ensure that Ra.One get a good shot to pull in the moolah. He is Amitabh Bachchan, Rajinikanth and even Lady Gaga on her side. Now all you have to do is to bring about 10-20 million viewers to go see his movie.
For the first time since the end of the reality show Kaun Banega Crorepati TV (KBC) as a guest, SRK returned to the set to play a game of Big B promotes his film SRK would do anything. To bury what people call, bad blood between the Superstars.
The film also features some of the biggest names in the industry of others. SRK would be closer to Kareena Kapoor, after a decade. And public participation in which Rajinikanth south in a brief appearance as Chitti the robot. Add to that an Chartbuster sung by R & B Akon.
SRK will not hit the finish line 26th October, when the film releases. Indeed, it would require India a car carrying the logo of the film on Formula 1 Delhi-event.
Lady Gaga and SRK are for the chat session super-villain Arjun Rampal Party. Who knows the singer can only end up accepting the film.
Most successful Hindi flicks , So far, the biggest blockbuster Hindi film industry is 3 idiots, after films like Dabangg, Gajini, Bodyguard, and ready for Golmaal 3 All these films are contemporary SRK, which makes it difficult for her fans to justify the position of Number One. Independence Day with a press and publicity as the prestige of Bollywood number one position is involved. Will G. To manage to keep the crown or will lose everything going effort? Ra.One is the key.


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