columbus day 2011

Columbus Day In The U.S. 

Columbus Day, which is the second Monday in October each year to commemorate the arrival of Christopher Columbus' in America October 12, 1492 This festival is controversial, since the first European settlement in America has led to the death of history and culture of peoples natives.

What Do People Do?

Officially, people in the United States invited to celebrate the anniversary of the discovery of their country with religious services and other activities. In some cities, special religious services, parades and large events are held. Most celebrations are concentrated on the Italian-American. The festivities in New York and San Francisco are particularly noteworthy. In Hawaii Columbus Day is also known as Landing Day or the Day of Discoverer.

Not all parts of the United States celebrate Columbus Day. This is not a party in California, Nevada and Hawaii. In addition, the Native American Day "held in South Dakota, while the Indigenous Peoples' Day is celebrated in Berkeley, California.

Public Life 

Columbus Day is a holiday in many parts of the United States, but has not complied or is not a holiday in some states. Public services and schools are usually closed, but companies can be opened. The flag of the United States displayed in public buildings

columbus day 2011

Christopher Columbus is often portrayed as the first European to sail to America. He is sometimes described as the discoverer of the New World. This is controversial, however, a number of counts. There is evidence that the first Europeans to sail across the Atlantic was the Viking explorers from Scandinavia. In addition, the land was already populated indigenous peoples, which was "discovered" America for thousands of years before.

Columbus Day was originally a celebration of Italian-American heritage and its first edition in 1869 in San Francisco. The first statewide celebration took place in Colorado in 1907. In 1937, Columbus Day is a holiday in the United States. Since 1971, is held the second Monday in October. The date when Christopher Columbus arrived in America is also celebrated as the Día de la Raza (Columbus Day) in Latin America and some Latino communities in the United States. However, it is a holiday controversial in some countries and has been re-elected in the other.

Columbus Celebration is controversial, because the Euro-American solution has led to the death of a very large part of the natives. It has been argued that this was a direct consequence of the actions of Columbus'. It 'clear that the arrival of European settlers led to the disappearance of much of the history and culture of indigenous peoples in America. It is also argued that Columbus should not be adhered to explore the United States, because he only went so far as some of the Caribbean islands and the mainland has never been to America.

Note: state the facts and issues related to this celebration, but does not reveal his opinion on the subject.


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