Philip Rivers

G. Philip Rivers (born December 8, 1981) is an American football quarterback for the San Diego Chargers of the National Football League (NFL). He was one half of the Manning River Project trade that sent him to San Diego and the first overall pick, Ole Miss quarterback Eli Manning New York Giants. Rivers played college football at North Carolina State University. Career passing rating of 95.9 river is the third best all-time NFL neighborhoods with at least 1,500 pass attempts, behind Aaron Rodgers and Steve Young.
After starting quarterback Drew Brees Chargers went to New Orleans Saints after the 2005 season, Rivers came off the bench to lead the Chargers to a 14-2 record in his first season as a starter. In 2007, he helped the Chargers win their first playoff game since 1994 after beating the Tennessee Titans in the wildcard round of the 2007-series and eventually led to the AFC championship game. He has a career total of 13 returns in the fourth quarter, the most recent being 11 September 2011, when he led the Chargers to a 24-17 victory over the Minnesota Vikings.
Early Life :

Rios was born in Decatur, Alabama, where his father was head coach Steve of Decatur. Philip went to Decatur and then moved to Athens. As part of a proposal for a fifth year, had to make a poster about their dreams and aspirations. On the poster, hit his face on a player from the Minnesota Vikings that had appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated. He wore number 17 for the ninth year. It is in honor of his father, who had the same number of high school. After his father, Steve, got the job of head coach, Philippe played high school football at Athens High School, near Athens, Alabama.
College Career :

After high school, Rivers attended the University North Carolina State in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he played for Coach Amato Chuck. During his collegiate career, Rivers shattered almost every NC State and the Atlantic coast of registration from the conference. His career culminated with an NCAA record 51st coherent school starts. [4] The Wolfpack went to four consecutive bowl games, led by Rivers, winning three of them, including New Year's Day victory over Notre Dame in 2003, Gator Bowl.
Philip Rivers
Rivers was named Athlete of the Year of the ACC in 2004 and was also named man of the match with four cups, two cups of tangerine, a bowl Gator Bowl and the 2004 primary. Rivers was named even "offensive player" for the state of North Carolina at Pittsburgh a lost cause in 2001 Tangerine Bowl. He was considered a Heisman candidate by some journalists, [5], but has not been invited to the Heisman Trophy presentation. Rivers finished his career with 13.484 yards passing, fourth all-time among Division 1-A quarters (who was second at the end of his college career). He also threw 95 touchdown passes, which binds to the eighth of all time with Kliff Kingsbury and Brady Quinn. Number of rivers was retired before his last home game at North
Career :

Rivers was estimated to be in the first round of the 2004 NFL Draft selection. But despite registration Rivers' success in college and high accuracy (72% completion percentage in his senior season), questions about his lack of arm strength, and its unusual half arm throwing motion was a case of some NFL GM. The prior agreement was that the rivers could be selected with the Pittsburgh Steelers 11 to choose from. Chargers coveted Eli Manning and wanted to choose him as their first round selection, which was also the first choice overall in the draft report. However, when Eli Manning said that the first project that he has not signed with the San Diego Chargers, Chargers were forced to adapt their plans. Rivers was their first alternative to Manning because the Chargers head coach Marty Schottenheimer at that time, was the coach Senior Bowl, rivers, and he liked what he saw from the river.
The Chargers agreed to a trade on draft day with the New York Giants, who had the fourth choice in the project. Manning was selected by San Diego Chargers and later in the draft traded to the New York Giants for Rivers and Rights draft pick used to select future Pro Bowling Shawne Merriman and Nate Kaeding.

Rivers was promoted to No. 2 on the depth chart after a quarter Chargers released Doug Flutie, who later signed with the Patriots in New England.
Rivers could not beat Drew Brees for the position of starting quarterback Chargers training camp and the preseason 2005. Chargers in the final game of the 2005 season at home in Qualcomm Stadium, Rivers entered the game after Brees dislocated his right shoulder late in the second quarter due to a stroke of Denver Broncos John Lynch. Rivers completed 12 of 22 pass attempts for 115 yards with one interception and two fumbles. The Chargers lost to Denver, 20-7. However, Rivers led the Chargers on their only scoring drive that game, which resulted in a four-yard RB LaDainian Tomlinson.

After the 2005 season, Drew Brees was not renewed the contract (in part due to injury in the game of Denver) by shippers, instead of signing a large contract with significant guaranteed money included New Orleans Saints in 2006 free agents. Many doubted the Chargers 'decision to change quarterbacks as they were a Super Bowl contender, believing that Rivers' inexperience prevented. Rivers was named the Chargers begin to enter training camp. Expectations were high in the rivers due to the large amount of offensive talent in the San Diego Chargers and the performance of their peers in the project in 2004 (Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger) as starters.
Football Outsiders is expected that Rivers became a star in the NFL in 2006-the season because of its spectacular success rate in college (72% as a senior). After the start of the NFL just 5, Rivers was named the second best NFL quarterback under 25 years of Sports Illustrated  and drew numerous comparisons to Dan Marino for his quick release and pocket presence.
11. September 2006, Rivers made an NFL start against the Oakland Raiders. Rivers managed the game well, even if only in passing 11 times, but completed 8 passes, a touchdown in a 27-0 defeat, and Raiders. After his first game, Rivers led the NFL with a 133.9 QB rating.
The period of the fifth week, dominating the Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers came to town, Bill Cowher and defensive end Game Plan LaDainian Tomlinson tour stop. This game was a turning point for Rivers, who has assisted head coach Marty Schottenheimer book opening game, led the team on the come-from-behind victory throwing 24-of-37, 242 yards and two TDS, winning 23-13.
Philip Rivers
On November 12, 2006 Rivers had the best game of his short career and won the San Diego Chargers unlikely to return against the Cincinnati Bengals. Down 28-7 at halftime, Rivers led the Chargers on six drives culminating in touchdowns. After leading the Chargers first touchdown after the break, Nick Hardwick, Rivers Center, said Rivers, mimicking his southern drawl, "he yells" Y'all do not think we came out of this' for Bengals . When he said I said, "Shoot, I think we're not that right. to. '" Rivers threw for 337 yards and three touchdowns, while LaDainian Tomlinson scored three of their four touchdowns. San Diego dominated Cincinnati 42-13 in the second half winning the game 49-41, matching the biggest comeback in 23 years for the Chargers.
So the following week against what was considered at the time to be a strong defense of Denver Broncos, the Chargers became the first team in history to win back-to-back after the games next 17 points or more and also the first team to win four straight when allowing at least 27 points in every game.Rivers led several returns fourth quarter of 2006 and placed fourth in the league quarter-quarter scoring. His performances during the season led to a selection for the Cup 2007 Pro. After a 14-2 season Chargers were playing the New England Patriots in the division cycle of the playoffs. The Patriots won that game, and Schottenheimer was fired from his job. The Patriots went to the AFC Championship, where they lost the Indianapolis Colts 38-34.

Entering the 2011 season, Nick Canepa, San Diego Union Tribune, Rivers called "a better quarterback," the Fouts, first ballot Hall of Fame quarterback. Canepa Rivers said, "[pre-] moved to an incredible 17 different receivers," in 2010, the Charger receivers in the middle of an accident, and then his 55-25 record as a starter compared to 86-84-1 for Fouts. He also said, "Fouts made more errors of Rivers." Rivers had completed 63.7 percent of his passes with 58 interceptions in 2455 and 97.2 passer rating, while Fouts was succeeded in 5604 58.8 percent of his attempts with 242 and 80.2-off evaluation. The rivers had never thrown more than two to listen to the game, including seven playoff games.
Rivers and the Chargers opened the season with a 24-17 win over the Minnesota Vikings. Rivers had 335 yards passing and two touchdowns, running back Mike Tolbert thrown into. He also had two interceptions. Rivers and the Chargers lost 35-21 in Foxboro has the New England Patriots Week 2 Rivers threw for 378 yards passing and had two moves paint Vincent Jackson also threw two listen again. Rivers threw two chargers listening kept out winless Kansas City Chiefs in Week 3, 20-17. at week 4, winning the charger winless Miami Dolphins 26-16, and Rivers threw a 55-yard touchdown Vincent Jackson. In week 5, Rivers has thrown 250 meters and finishing moves to Malcolm Floyd. He added a rushing touchdown as well. In spite of his two turnovers, held off pesky Chargers Denver Broncos 29-24. Rivers struggled in week 7 after the bye. Rex Ryan, New York Jets is limited to rivers, runs 179 yards and two interceptions.
Do not throw a touchdown to Antonio Gates, his first of the year. . The Chargers have lost a heartbreaker, 23-20 to the Chiefs in overtime on Halloween. Rivers created 369 yards but had two interceptions and a fumble overwhelming performance. The rivers poor during the 2011 season led to speculation that the media might be suffering from an undisclosed injury.  His former teammate, LaDainian Tomlinson, Rivers speculated that it could be distracted by the burden of being the star player for the Chargers.Rivers has had a huge 385 yards and four touchdowns, he added, but threw three interceptions against the defending champion Green Bay Packers crush .
Personal Life :

Philip Rivers married girlfriend in high school, Tiffany, in 2001. They have four daughters and two sons. January 31, 2010, youngest daughter Rivers', Sarah Catherine was born. It 'was elected to the Pro Bowl AFC team in the same year, but does not come into play in South Florida because of his birth. In an interview with the NFL Network, June 10, 2011 Rivers said that the family was waiting for the sixth son. October 11, 2011, Rivers and his family welcomed a new son, Peter of the world.
Rios is an active Catholic and a lot of work with young people to talk about spirituality. He says: "I feel fortunate that I have physical and mental tools to play the game ... In return, I want to use the popularity and have been given to the glory of God, to share with young people on how to be better person. - How do the right thing "Rivers young people turn to spirituality to understand that sexual intimacy should be reserved for marriage.
Rivers is a good friend of the Chicago White Sox 'pitcher Jake Peavy, also of Alabama and played for the San Diego Padres from 2002 to 2009.
Rivers younger brother, Stephen, has committed to play college football at Louisiana State University (LSU) after attending Austin High School and High School of Athens.


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