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Military Stars: The Game On Facebook: Purchase And Return The Road To Riches 
History Channel's hit TV series military star has become a social experience, in the form of Facebook game appropriately called Star Force: The Game. For fans of the series, after the events and family, military tent in Las Vegas, you can now create their own military tent to interact with the stars show, and try to buy and sell real items through the program benefit TV show.

Everything seems to be here. Customers must be kept in groups (each of which the limits of the game, but more customers to purchase Facebook Credits), and each point is one that would sell.

Each customer has a specific price in mind for the product and you will be able to read the real facts about these topics, including the date of creation, origin, rarity and waiting and, if necessary. If you have been watching the show since its launch on television in 2009, will probably recognize many of these articles appeared on the show in the past - the memories of war classic, sports rings, toys old and electronics, and so on.

As in the program, you will be able to meet the demand of each customer for their purchase price. In other words, if a customer is trying to sell a gold coin for $ 1500 first can be countered with a price that seems reasonable. All transactions are part of or to add or remove from your bank account in general.

For you a better idea of ​​what items to offer, you can pay for small portions of money that experts can give you a better idea of ​​each element of real value - or they can also tell if the item is a fake or reproduction. At any time you can move the items you want to buy, or you can provide a counter-offer to the customer. They are likely to be cheaper to go somewhere in the middle of two extremes, and is once again offering you what you want. Customers may also leave if they are dissatisfied with all offers, or you can send away if you do not have enough money to buy goods.

When you buy items, you can save them as part of a collection of the game, "Stock Exchange", or you can try to rotate objects around a profit from the sale of the beautiful, the prices at whatever price they see fit (of course, should try to make a profit, as far as possible).

When you level, you can earn enough money to buy the location of the item in your store, you can sell items at a time, and can also open the possibility of a "clean" objects, or restore and improve its overall value. The products we sell or sell, no longer.
Cheaper product, the less time it takes to find a potential buyer, and vice versa. This allows you to leave the game while his shop open for business. If the items sell, you do not have time to make a profit, but if you can not lower the price of goods, then try again.

As for the social visit pawnshops your friends and make their customers happier waiting by clicking on them. Satisfied customers are more willing to negotiate, while those who are bored or impatient will probably stick to their starting asking price for their product.

Pawn Shop in your account, you can also buy (increase) in the customers happy by giving them pieces of candy.For that completely static (the game is almost completely devoid of animation), the game is here is strong enough. While fans of the television series will undoubtedly make more than those who do not know, the networks A & E promises new features and enhancements in the future, we hope to learn from players who have never heard n Pion mention the name of Stars.

Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate pawn stars?


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