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LSU Football Team One Step Closer To Finishing The Season Leader 
For the first time in school history, a team of LSU is 12-0. After locating the Tigers 14-0 Arkansas lead the nation's unanimous No. 1 team in each polling place formal and informal, overwhelmed by your guests. LSU used a kick in the pants, scoring 41-3 over as a parting gift for the team that was number 3 in the nation.

He won the title of the Tigers SEC West Division and a trip to the SEC championship final in Atlanta one week from today, where they will play Georgia at the Georgia Dome. He has not won them a respite of an occupation that has fed him and overshadowed all other holdings in this season.

SEC West Is Nice, But Do Not Resonate.
12-0 Record Is Good, But Not Boring.

The Tigers are hungry, looking for a mark of 14-0, as they not only want to be BCS national champions, but the preference is to accomplish the feat without spot or stain.Two more wins - and against the Bulldogs on 9 January in the BCS championship game at the Superdome in Mercedes-Benz, probably against Alabama - and unbeaten Tigers have your masterpiece.

"We're not done yet," said defensive end Barkevious Mingo, who helped LSU defense work on the vaunted offense of Arkansas with six tackles, two sacks and three tackles for losses. " We know that. We must continue to win. Thus, we can reflect on the season. This is perfect to stay. It is always our goal. "Doubt they access them at your own risk.

Arkansas (10-2) was the third team was ranked among the top three who beat LSU this season in one of Oregon and Alabama. Razorbacks was the seventh team beat LSU this season, which ranked in the Top 25. Four Tigers' six victories away from home were against ranked teams.

Only twice this season, the Tigers failed to score at least 35 points. Only three times have they allowed at least 17 points. At no time, after all the games they need to point fingers all over their index against sky.They dominated, pure and simple.

And LSU was also consistent in punishment and humiliating opponents as the team could dream of being, while playing a schedule that, all things considered, was the most difficult in the nation.The Tiger is so highly respected in the BCS rankings, that even a loss to Georgia would not prevent them from playing for the BCS title.But there is little interest in funding in the game.

"We will continue the approach, continue to strive to achieve our goal," said defensive back Tyrann Mathieu, of New Orleans who returned a punt 92 yards for a touchdown, forced two fumbles and had eight teams silver. "(The goal) is to win the national championship," he said. "To achieve this, we have to win the SEC in full." They took their latest step in that direction on Friday. Arkansas, so the Razorback was repressed might have been the fodder instead of returning to a team of five a day as Senior pulp.

Its 14-0 lead in the second quarter, was a touchdown pass and fumble recovery, was deleted in the final 5:15 of the first half. During this time, LSU freshman running back Kenny Hilliard scored the 6-yard run, Mathieu was his punt return dazzling, and senior quarterback Jordan Jefferson threw a 9-yard touchdown pass Russell Shepard. "This football team 14 points, does not hold back," Coach Les Miles said. "There was never occur to any question that the lateral line that we are going to respond."

And 'what the Tigers have made the entire season, regardless of the opponent or a gust of wind in the second quarter staggered score.Their Arkansas. Knockout came through the 17 points in the fourth quarter. And it is, the Tigris, would be to focus on the future. "We need to prepare, in Georgia," Blackwell said senior guard. "We have heard that they are talking about, who are willing to play for us. We are ready to play." Of course they are.

LSU has zigged and zagging in five states this season, to play Oregon (Texas), Mississippi State and Ole Miss (Mississippi), West Virginia, Tennessee and Alabama.Now, a final road trip to make, and one more victory to reach the Tigers almost got zigging and zagging.

After a victory, they can draw a straight line toward their next destination, from Baton Rouge and New Orleans. "We know what we do," says Morris Claiborne, who stopped his team leading fifth pass on Friday for his role in the further development of the nation's top back. "We're going to put this to work." Most of the work has already been done. A little 'polishing, engraving and polishing, and the Tigers is a masterpiece of the season they want.


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