Michelle Obama Booed At Nascar

Last season in NASCAR Homstead-Miami Speedway on Monday brought a little surprise for your guests Grand Marshals. First lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden attended the event where they were greeted by scattered boos from the crowd, just before ringing the famous phrase, gentlemen start your engines.

Obama and Biden attended the event as part of his charity, joining forces. Charity is a national movement began with Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden increase the support of society and opportunities for members and their families. According to ABC News, the ladies first and second joined Army Sgt. Andrew Barry, who was injured during his tour in Iraq and Afghanistan. ABC News reported Barry, who left the army in 2009, was greeted with booming applause and cheers. If there were boos, it is surprising that they would come at a time that Mrs. Obama and Biden have been supporting Dr. our armed forces is a cause that transcends party lines.
Michelle Obama Booed At Nascar
Fortunately, the news was not all bad for business before the race. At a meeting before the race, Obama and Biden have been treated with more respect and received a standing ovation from runners and their families. Obama highlighted how NASCAR has always shown exceptional appreciation for military families and military personnel. The women also attended a barbecue sponsored by NASCAR military families, where the first lady also made a little speech. About the reaction in the main event, ABC World News with David Muir reports that a source said: "There was no noticeable hiss during the program very chaotic with jets flying over and tons of noise."


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