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Anne Hathaway involved to acting professional lover Adam Shulman
Anne Hathaway has a much more interesting occurrence than "The Black Dark night Rises" initial on her 2012 period. The Ministry has verified that the celebrity is involved.

Since Adam Shulman, Hathaway's acting professional man of several years, jumped the problem, Hathaway has been rocking an gemstone around New You are able to, a element whose style we can ensure was a relationship between Shulman and Kwiat History jewelry.

"It took us a very while to get together," Anne informed Fashion last season regarding Shulman, alluding to her confidence concerns with men after her marriage with Italian language man Raffaello Follieri dropped apart in community when he was revealed as a con man.

"When you lastly understand that you can just be your own afraid ... self and that you can still be attractive without trying to be, it's such an excellent comfort. When uncondensed you is enough," she said of her marriage with Shulman.

Sounds like it was truly really worth delay. While little period has been set for the couple to wed, we take excellent joy in understanding that her beautician Rachel Zoe might be deciding on the all-important bridal attire — and Anne also knows a element or two about attire.


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