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By Anne McCaffrey, From "Dragon Riders" Fantasies 85 Dies :

Anne McCaffrey, a science fiction writer known as the Dragon Lady on its successful series of novels for young adults, "Dragonriders of Pern", died Monday in County Wicklow, Ireland. She was 85 years.
Cause was a stroke, his publisher, Random House, told The Associated Press. Ms. McCaffrey, who had lived in Ireland since 1970, died at his home, Dragon Hold - so called, liked to say, because he had to pay dragons.Author of dozens of different books swept the series, Ms. McCaffrey was probably better known for "Dragon Riders", written over four decades and includes more than 20 novels.

This series, which is significant, and marry the elements of fantasy, science fiction, takes place on the planet Pern, that the land they have settled. Utopian romance at first, Pern has degenerated, while centuries of settlement, as part of a feudal society fraught.
Anne Mccaffrey Pern
The greatest threat mated Wire, a deadly type of Spore, rain regularly. To fight against these Threadfalls, people have cultivated a kind of open air, the telepathic dragons and very friendly with the spirit of fire can overcome the wire. Throughout the series, the protagonists Ms. McCaffrey. - Often, young women or children - the right kind Galactic clock, redoubtable knights astride their mounts scales surge

The series, which began in 1968 with "Flight of the Dragon," includes "Dragon Quest", "Dragon Song", "Dragondrums", "Master of the Harper government Collar" and later "Dragon Time," written with his son , Todd McCaffrey, published this year.
As the designer, Ms. McCaffrey was not uniformly appreciated. Review of "Dragonsdawn" The New York Times Book Review in 1989, Gerald Jonas wrote about him, "Few people are better at mixing elements of fantasy in the world, and the narrative of the hard science that disarms the suspicion of his open embrace Wish happy to meet ", but accuse him of" awkward comparisons "and" schematic descriptions. "But a huge commercial success of "Dragon Riders of Pern" has exceeded all critical. The books sold millions of copies and inspired a cornucopia of Internet fan fiction, and a series of scientific studies.The world of Pern has become so widespread that those who entered that resulted in a match, "A Guide to Pern Dragonlover" by Jody Lynn Nye, with Ms. McCaffrey.

Anne Inez McCaffrey was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, April 1, 1926. He received a bachelor's degree in Slavic languages ​​and literature from Radcliffe, and trained as an actress and opera singer before his life writing his opera transported to other worlds.

His first novel, "Restore", was published in 1967. A satirical works of fiction for adults, satirical portrayal of women generally helpless Given.

The plot of the novel, as summarized in reference work of the authors and artists for young adults, starts when the heroine is strong, sophisticated, Sara, "Central Park is ripped by a low-flying spacecraft above the sea. "

Sarah wakes up and finds himself "restored" - that is wrapped into a new life - in the world, combining the high degree of technological sophistication, and reverse the social order.

Ms. McCaffrey honors include the two most prestigious awards of its kind: a Hugo, who won in 1968 for his novel "Weyr Search," later joined the Dragonriders series and nebula, from the novel "Dragonriders" is also included in the series.

His lack of Pern books include "The ship who sang", "partnership" with Margaret Ball, and "The city who fought" with SM Stirling.

Ms. McCaffrey Wedding Horace Wright, Johnson, ended in divorce. In addition to his son, Todd, has survived a second son, Alec Johnson, daughter, Georgeanne Kennedy, and grandchildren.

It 'was the subject of the biography, "Anne McCaffrey: Life With Dragons" by Robin Roberts, which was published in 2007, University Press of Mississippi.

Ms. McCaffrey, a horse breeder amateur archaeologist, was often asked why the dragons? "You can draw closer to one as you can to a horse," she said in an interview with National Public Radio in 2007. "Horses are intelligent in their own borders, but the dragons are very intelligent."


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