J.R _ Martinez Girl Friend

JR Martinez And His Girlfriend, Plates, And Life After 'Dancing With The Stars :

JR Martinez quickly became a fan favorite on the hit ABC series Dancing with the Stars. With his attitude and heroic history that can not help but be attracted to the soap star. Read on to discover how JR Martinez met his girlfriend and what he intends to do when ETAP is over.
J.R _ Martinez Girl Friend
All my kids are fans rooting for the star of soap JR Martinez, but when JR has proven to dance, and showed the world his personality soon became a fan favorite. JR has wowed crowds every week for his dances, his extraordinary personality and dedication to this county. Now the public is curious JR girlfriend and her project after DWTS is over.
JR met his girlfriend at his former place of work, all my children. I guess it's true Pine Valley is a magical place! At that time, Diana Gonzalez-Jones was the assistant executive producer of AMC. JR told Access Hollywood: "We were friends, and, you know, was a place of work, which does not cross the line. I was respectful of that, and for about two years we were great friends. Therefore, how to cross the line of JR friendship with Diana? Well, he said: "Finally, something happened, something clicked and I said:" [No] Do you ever look at me differently than a friend? And the rest is history, both are still going out and JR said Diana is one of Him He is grateful for their relationship was built on a solid friendship before you start serious dating.

JR Martinez has no intention of slowing down after her race on DWTS. He wants to continue to act and even writing a book. But more than anything JR wants to continue to educate men and women who serve our country. JR told Access Hollywood: "If I can raise, and I can be an inspiration to them and say, 'OK, you can find something to do outside a', but also to inspire States United step up and give them basic ideas about what they can do to say "thank you" -. it's my job "

There is no doubt that JR Martinez will continue to do great things in his life. But JR and Karina will win the mirror ball trophy? Let us know what you think, comment below!


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