Military Of Egypt And The Protesters To Dig A Long Tug Of War

Egypt interim military rulers and the masses of protesters demanding his unearthed Thursday in a dead end that extends to the generals agreed to go ahead with parliamentary elections despite a week of violence is sure to mar the vote.State news agencies reported at least one political party - the Social Democrats, perhaps the best established in the Liberal parties founded the outbreak of hope after the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak, nine months ago - have boycotted the elections a farce designed to support the government the military.At the end of the day, even if the Muslim Brotherhood, a powerful Islamic group that benefits most from the pre-term elections, and that the timing was done by the protests, appeared to distance the Military Council.While clashes with the security police arrested the first time this week, the amount of Tahrir Square was larger than the day on Thursday, when tens of thousands, and a wide range of civilian leaders - the brotherhood Exclusive - joined calls for a "million man March" on Friday.

The generals were unmoved. "Egypt is not Tahrir Square," Major General Mukhtar al-Mallah, a member of the Military Council, said Thursday morning at a press conference, citing an open mandate to stay in power long after the vote Parliament on Monday. "We will not cede power because of a slogan-chanting crowd."
The statement, after six days of violent clashes in the capital and throughout the country, the political struggle moved to a new phase and disorder.
Fulfilling a commitment made during negotiations with political parties earlier this week, the army retreated to the security forces who had fought the demonstrators and built a concrete wall running down the street where most of the fighting took place.
Military Of Egypt And The Protesters To Dig A Long Tug Of War
General, in turn, issued an unusual apology from the death of at least 38 people during the week of riots and more than 2,000. But although hailed from the dead "martyrs", the generals also appeared to justify the killing of those criminals who had been attacked by the Ministry of Interior. And they have denied - despite the statements of many witnesses, doctors and even the Ministry of Health - that security forces had fired birdshot or drive their clashes with protesters still inflaming hatred.

"The police are engaged in self-control, but I can not give orders to anyone, not to defend themselves," said General Mallah.So late in the day, the generals have announced the state media more than they name a 77-year-old Lieutenant Mubarak, Kamel el-Ganzoury, as the new prime minister, even mocked him as many Egyptians "a dinosaur".

The appointment of Mr. Ganzoury following the resignation this week of former Prime Minister, in the capitulation to the demands of street protesters. " The last Prime Minister has a paid staff of the military council and protesters, as well as most of the civil parties, which now requires the municipality to give real authority to a successor.

But the council said in his press conference Thursday that he was not prepared to give all the power and the election of Mr. Ganzoury seemed to mark a general preference for a prime minister who would serve in a subordinate role, as Mr. Mubarak in Ganzoury do. Several others have also refused the position.

The election of Mr. Ganzoury also may have caused the Muslim Brotherhood, the only political force that had come to an agreement with the military council that holds power until elections. As prime minister in the 1990s, presided over the imprisonment and torture of dozens of Islamist Ganzoury, who now lead the movement.In a statement issued shortly after the name of Mr. Ganzoury floating, the new freedom of the Brotherhood of Justice and deliberately said that the next prime minister "must be a general consensus of the nation and popular acceptance and should be kept distance of all political forces. " The group said its leaders had not met with the Board on Thursday, which means they were not consulted.


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