JR Martinez Girl Friend

JR Martinez And His Girlfriend Says He Has Not Seen His Scars: "I See Hot Sexy Guy ... I See The Man That I Love" 

While he was dancing a waltz competition law in this season of the hit ABC dancing competition "Dancing With the Stars", JR Martinez has not always been so sure, especially about their appearance.

When he was just 19 years, Martinez served as an infantryman in Iraq army when an improvised explosive device slammed in his Humvee and exploded. Martinez was rescued and transported to Germany for treatment, but suffered severe burns on 40 percent of his body including the face and hands.

After enduring dozens of surgeries and therapy, the young Martinez was covered with scars, and struggled to cope with the shape of the explosion had modified his body - half of his face was covered with scars. Then in 2008, she landed a role as a veteran of the Iraq war on the ABC hit comedy soap opera "All My Children", where he met Diana Jones, an executive assistant on staff.
JR Martinez Girl Friend
In an exclusive interview with Deborah Roberts ABC "Nightline", Martinez and Jones, his longtime friend, talked about their relationship. The first time they met, Roberts said Jones has not been released by the scars of Martinez.
"When I met him I did not see them," Jones said. "I think it was like listening to the tape, and then when we met was, I do not see them."
The two had an instant connection to work together on the show and became fast friends. They began to speak regularly and dating, then he began to change when Jones said he has developed feelings for Martinez.
"I was just looking for that great person with qualities so big and he was beside me all the time," he said.

Martinez said he soon realized the amount of time they spent together, and also began to feel something for Jones. He even worked the courage to confront her about it one night, but was nervous because I was not sure of their appearance in time.

"I think he has had this problem when it was a girl who was leaving after my injury," said Roberts. "The first time you kiss a girl with scars or burns - is that she'll be upset for the first time you expose your body burns? Are not they will return the next day are not going to call again? "

At first, Martinez said Jones is not going to go out with him because he was afraid to mess with their friendship and because they still work together, but continued and finally gave in. The two have been dating for the past two years."I see a sexy hot guy, I mean very attracted, is very attractive and I mean that I love, that's what I see, I see a great guy and I see the man I love," he said.

"I must say, she knows for two years and to know the person she is, I knew she looked at me differently, but she looked at me with a deeper level, not just not my ar, "said Martinez. "It is certainly my biggest fan, apart from my mother ... she always kind of reminds me that "you have the ability." She was always kind of told me that you are one of the few people I know that when you put your mind to something, I really think you can do it. "


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