Southern University Multan

Institute Of Southern Punjab (ISP), Multan 
Marjan Educational Trust has had great interest in establishing a college in this area of ​​southern Punjab, in the name of "Institute of Southern Punjab, Multan (proposal)." Marjan Educational Trust has extensive experience in the credit card to drive a number of schools at the University of success all over Pakistan.

Limits Institute of Southern Punjab is very large, and extends the limits of the zones for remote ISP has proposed a project grant of the Charter Government in Punjab. Infrastructure for the proposed legislation and policies of the Government of Punjab has been announced.

The proposed project is an active process of granting the NOC at the beginning, after which Charter.The curricula that provide highly qualified teachers in demand and not supply driven.

Special care was taken to provide employment, which will determine the final product both domestically and internationally.

Changing the world, especially in information technology and management science have been taken into account in program design and create the infrastructure of the campus facilities.The Institute has Gulgasht Multan is a lesson for all of it.

Phone-----+ 92 61 6211111, 6522272---------Address Bosan 9 miles of road (Road Institute) in Multan
Fax -------+ 92 61 6522155--------------------Affiliation
E-mail -----Easy Hostel Auberge for both male and female students ...
Scholarships at home scholarships are available for some subjects, ...

List Of Schools In Multan 
Pakistan has a large number of universities supported by the Pakistani government and provincial governments. In addition to these there are private universities supported by various organizations and companies.

The following is a list of universities and educational institutions Multan.
  • Al-Noor Commerce College Near Eid Gah Chowk Multan (Skill Development Council Lahore)
  • Bahauddin Zakariya University (formerly University Multan)
  • Nishtar Medical College
  • Nishtar Institute of Dentistry
  • INEX Institute of Textile & Fashion Design Campus Multan
  • La Salle High School Multan
  • National University of Modern Languages ​​(numl) Multan Campus
  • Multan Medical and Dental College
  • Asian College of Technology Multan
  • Bahauddin Zakariya University College of Textile Engineering and Technology
  • Gilani Law College Multan
  • Government. Millat High School, New Multan
  • Chenab College of Commerce
  • NFC Institute of Engineering and Technical Training
  • Multan College of Education Campus
  • Government College for Elementary Education Multan
  • Allama Iqbal Open University (Regional Campus)
  • Government College Multan or government. Emerson College Multan
  • Council Board of Directors' Civil Line Multan
  • Government College of Science
  • Government College of Technology Multan
  • Allama Iqbal College of Commerce
  • Allama Iqbal College Technology
  • Punjab College
  • Punjab College for Women
  • Government Degree College for Women
  • Government Women's College Mumtaz Abad Multan
  • Hussain College Walait
  • Alamdari College
  • Govt Muslim High School in Multan
  • Govt High School in Multan Khan Although Maral
  • Govt boys high school, Basti Nau, Multan
  • Govt Primary School in Multan
  • School Multan Scondary Govt.Pilot
  • Board of Trade Specialization in College, Multan Colony Qasim While
  • The Olive Tree School
  • Beaconhouse University Bosan road
  • Multan Medical and Dental College (MMDC)
  • University of Southern Punjab
  • International College of Commerce Degree
  • Army public college
  • Joint Force Cadet College
  • Multan Public School and College
  • College of Commerce Multan
  • Zameer Public School
  • Nishat College of Science Boys & Girls
  • ST horizon. Joseph School
  • Skans [clarification needed]
  • Ibn al-Qasim and Markazi High School Road, Multan in Bosa
  • Swedish University of Technology
  • Punjab College of Information Technology
  • Punjab College of Commerce
  • Punjab College for Women
  • Leadership University
  • Board of Higher
  • College of Teachers
  • Central College
  • Pilot High School Multan
  • Educational information
  • Muslim Public secondary education Colony people, Mumtazabad, Multan
  • AFAQ High School
  • Icon Institute of Professional Studies
  • Zakriya College Of Technology, Multan
  • Public Lasania upper secondary education
  • Moona Latin School Multan Mumtazabad
  • High Jinnah
  • The City School (Pakistan), Multan
  • AL-Naaz school system in Multan
  • Students House school system (Main Campus Kot Addu) MDA Chowk Multan Branch


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