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Big Ten Heisman Watch: Week 13
It 'been a rough year for Heisman Trophy candidate. Almost every major figure in the race has had at least one bad week. The only team unbeaten AQ Conference, LSU, is not a serious candidate.

Each time someone stands up, as the State of Oklahoma Brandon Weeden, seems to fall back to immediate loss of his team. In other words, the competition seems fairly open for only two weeks worth 'of games remaining.
And even though the Big Ten the two best candidates are not likely to win the trophy, they can make a push, at least to gain more attention and, perhaps, a Heisman ceremony in New York City trip.

What's more Wisconsin running back a ball climbing the charts? He is currently in second place with 1466 rushing yards, just two behind Western Kentucky Bobby Rainey (covering more than 113 beads). His 6.57 yards per carry average is not as good as LaMichael James in Oregon, but he did miss two full games this season.However, the most impressive statistics of the ball, of course, is its ability to score.

It was more than three touchdowns for the win last week in Illinois, becoming the fifth player in FBS history of 30 points in the season. If it goes on an average of three touchdowns per game, and Wisconsin became the Big Ten title and bowl game, with Barry Sanders record 39 seasons (although in other games). Ball is a truly historic season, which deserves to be recognized. And 'the number 4 in my Heisman vote this week.

Wisconsin is another candidate quarterback Russell Wilson. He is still on pace to break the NCAA record for passing efficiency. But it was a relatively quiet - it's usually effective - every day, Ill., Oct. 13 to meet operating at only 90 meters.

He is so close and the touchdown drive. Still, Ball was the star of the game. This is the biggest problem with the balls and Wilson, and two defeats Badgers. "

The presence of each other is returned in the same field will siphon votes from each other, maybe the damage has all the potential in New York, but both games are perhaps the two other significant influence over the voters, this test of strength week against the '.
Penn State and then the Big Ten Championship game, where the Badgers to win Nittany Lions. a difficult year, the other candidates were, who knows how far it may be.


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