Helen Mirren

Visitors Tussauds' Lyric Kate Winslet :

Kate Winslet may be a hot property in Hollywood, but it needs to stay cool after being immortalized in wax.
Reading favorite actress topped a survey of visitors to Madame Tussauds in London to the British leader best Lady, so Wednesday wax new £ 150 000 has taken the place of honor with Dame Helen Mirren and Dame Judy Dench.Model 36, is wearing the red dress she wore to the Emmy Awards 2011, where she was nominated for his role in the television mini-series Pierce Mildred.Liz Edwards at Madame Tussauds, said: "We always take the opinion of our visitors in mind when creating the figures and their global appeal and undeniable wealth of achievements, Kate has earned its place here."It's a modern screen icon, a true English rose and one of the highlights of the A-list superstars we have in the attraction."
Helen Mirren
Why Is She FAMOUS :

With a filmography that includes nearly 100 titles, it is difficult to determine exactly where the work of Helen Mirren has resonated with viewers, but with appearances on such well-known hits Gosford Park (2001), Calendar Girls (2003) and The Queen (2006), Helen is certainly a familiar face to anyone, even a passing interest in film.
74 Sex Appeal :

Fans of Helen, who has never seen one of his old movies, it would undoubtedly be surprised to learn that he had once thought of as a sex symbol. Having a buff appeared in many of his previous efforts, Helen had long been regarded as one of Britain's sexiest imports. And since it was the same man for over 20 years, it is not difficult to imagine the appeal of Helen is still stable at this day.

Helen has worked with some of the most acclaimed film directors in history and has appeared in front of a large number of Hollywood stars, and there is no doubt that he has slowly established itself as an actor completely reliable and steadfast. It 'was nominated for, Oscar Golden Globe and an Emmy, and he has proved adept at fully address almost every kind of film.
Helen Mirren BIOGRAPHY :

Ilyena Vasilievna Mironov was born July 26, 1945, in Ilford, England. The daughter of a Russian father and British mother, Helen realized his love of performance at age 6 and then focus on pursuing a career in this world. Birth name was changed to heavy Helen as a child, like his father - in an effort to blend harmoniously into the fabric of British society - has changed the name of Helen Mirren in the 1950's.

After graduating from high school, his parents, Helen agrees to the requirements and enrolled in college teacher. He did not last too long there, however, and his decision to leave has been simplified, tested after successful stint in the Youth Theatre in London National North. There, Helen, first exposed to endless possibilities of the work, and soon realized the potential play Starlet as Cleopatra in the production manages the life of the famous Egyptian queen. Helen went to perform in numerous stage plays in Britain prestigious Old Vic Theatre


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