Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark is a action film / adventure created by George Lucas and released by Paramount Pictures in 1981. He is the first Indiana Jones film ever released and is considered Chapter 24 of The Adventures of Indiana Jones complete. To be consistent with recent titles in the series, the film was renamed Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark for its video publishing software in 1999, although the original title is retained on the screen in the film. Among fans, it is usually just called the Raiders.
Lucas began production of the film just a surprise success of his 1977 film Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Vacation in Hawaii, a friend and director Steven Spielberg, Spielberg talks about how he had always wanted to do, "James Bond films such as". Fight Lucas had a story that was better, and proposed the concept, and the writer / director Philip Kaufman had worked in 1975, is based on Lucas' desire 'to see the movie back to the style of the series 1930 and '40' s action. The story was canceled when Lucas finished his work on Star Wars. Comment by Steven Spielberg has given new impetus to the Raiders, and together, Spielberg directs, contact Lawrence Kasdan to write the screenplay.
Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Located in the first half of the 20th century century, the film is the story of an archaeologist named Indiana Jones hired by the U.S. government and pitted in a race against time to find the mysterious and supernatural Ark of the Covenant before that 'it falls into the hands of Adolf Hitler and his regime of Nazi sympathizers who try to use the power of biblical artifacts as a way to world domination.
Shot in only 73 days with a budget of $ 18 million (U.S.) release of Raiders of the Lost Ark, June 12 In 1981, the film quickly became the highest grossing film of the year with 384 140 $ 454 in the world, and in 1982 was nominated for eight Oscars including best film, where he won four: Best Sound, Best Editing, Best Visual Effects and Best Art Direction-Sets. He was re-released on video in 1999 and again in 2003 for the DVD release, and again in 2008.
Summary :

Together in 1936, a year after the events of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, the story begins to Dr. Indiana Jones, the journey in the Peruvian jungle with a few local guides to find the fertility idol inside the Golden Temple of the Warriors Chachapoyan . Jones, to avoid the various traps, betrayal of his two guides, Barranca and Satipo, and a giant boulder that chases him rolling out of the temple. Waiting for him outside of his nemesis, Rene Belloq French archaeologist, and a small army of native Hovitos. Belloq steals the idol from Jones, who barely escape from a plane piloted by the dock Jock Lindsey are waiting nearby.
United States:
Back to Marshall College, where he teaches, hold two US military intelligence men in the room with Jones Marcus Brody, head of the department and a good friend of Indy. The men explained that the U.S. intercepted a cryptic message that mentions a Nazi professor Abner Ravenwood to be under the control of German intelligence. Indy, a former student of Ravenwood, helps to interpret the message as a sign that the Nazis are about to find the Ark of the Covenant - a chest of gold and precious stones built under the direction of God and Moses, which housed the remains of the tablets of the Ten Commandments. Legends imply that Adolf Hitler could use the Ark to his growing army of invincible.
Raiders Of The Lost Ark
The Germans believe that Ravenwood has the helmet to the staff of Ra needed to locate the resting place of the ark. The helmet is a gold disc, when placed on top of a certain tall tree focuses a beam of sunlight in a model of Tanis, an ancient Egyptian city, revealing the location of the Arc. According Ravenwood, Pharaoh Shishak stole the Ark to Jerusalem and buried in the sands of the desert capital, Tanis, in the Well of Souls.
Nepal :

Indy flies through the Pan Am Clipper to the snowy mountains of Nepal to talk to Marion Ravenwood, the daughter of inflexible and independent of the teacher, only to discover that his father died and she refuses to part with the helmet. Jones is expelled when a Nazi agent called Toht who had followed Marion to the archaeologist is the piece by force, threatening with a hot iron. Indy, seeing the excitement back to the bar and engaged in a fierce firefight with Toht and his men. Marion and the partnership with Indy. The driving torque of the attackers, but in the process inadvertently Toht brand mark on one side of the cap in his hand when trying to grab the artifact of the fire that broke out during agitation.
Cairo, Egypt :

Jones and Ravenwood fly to Cairo and meet Indy friend Sallah, an Egyptian expert search and archaeologist, for help in decoding the marks on the flag that specifies the height of staff to maintain.
During a tour in the markets of Cairo, Indy and Marion hired swordsmen meeting, resulting in a massive street fight. While Indy struggles and breaks all the mercenaries attack Bazaar (and kill the leading swordsman, by simply shoot him), take Nazi officers Marion and throw her into a truck, but the car crashes and explodes when the driver Indy dispatches with his pistol. Concerned that Marion was killed in the blast, Indy retired to a local tavern and meetings Belloq - hired by the Nazis to find the Ark - yet again. He wants to attack Belloq, despite the French sermon on the wonders Ark, Sallah and Indy's rescue of the children of bodyguards Belloq.
That evening, Sallah takes Indy's old imam who decodes the labels. He notes that the other side of said workpiece, said that the staff is small compared to the Jewish God. It seems that the Nazis misread hat (because they have only one copy of the labels). Their staff is too long, and have to dig Ark in the wrong place.

Indiana Jones finds Marion live on the site of Tanis. She was bound and gagged by his captors, but Jones decided to leave behind his disappearance would lead him to find the Ark
Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Infiltrate the search, Indy and Sallah are using the handset in the room card and then find the Ark of the depth in the well of souls infested with snakes. Belloq and the Germans, led by the sadistic Col. Dietrich and his assistant Gobler, surround the entrance, take the Ark, Indy and Marion and letting die in the snake-infested pit. They escaped despite a low stone wall and arrive in time to see a map of the Luftwaffe was preparing to send the spacecraft in Berlin.
After trying to stop the driver, Indy is mired in a quarrel with a soldier of the muscle around the turn of the propeller plane. Marion stuns the driver and regrowth of infantry with the plane of the coaxial machine gun while Indy (down) hides his face when his opponent is broken by the propeller. Turn the gas on the plane, and Belloq and Dietrich put the ark on a cart in place.
Theft of a horse and charge off the convoy truck, Indy manages to control the load by defeating the Nazi soldiers in trucks and service vehicles, and fleeing from Belloq and Dietrich. Reaching the Ark Cairo, Indy and Marion leave Sallah happy and sail for the boat trip Bantu Wind, England, Captain Simon Katanga.
A Nazi U-boat with Belloq and Dietrich stops the ship and the Ark and Marion, Indy, but discreetly as follows (which has already stored on board). It attaches to a submarine pen on an island in the Aegean Sea, where Indy steals a soldier's uniform. Threatening to destroy the ship with a rocket launcher, Indy Belloq was soon convinced to surrender, to give to their own deepest desires as an archaeologist to see the contents of the ark. Marion and Indy are tied up and forced to watch the ceremony where Belloq opens the Ark in front of a group of German soldiers. Strange and mysterious spirits, killing Belloq (whose head explodes), Dietrich (whose head implodes), Dr. (whose face melts), the soldiers, and the evaporation of their souls to the afterlife. Indy and Marion Jones are spared because he realizes that the spirits can not be maintained, and closes his eyes and asks Marion as well. A couple of this to escape the wrath of God
Epilogue: Washington DCED
Later, two representatives of the military intelligence service in Washington DC, Indy indicate that "top men" are studying Ark, the ark, but in reality is a closed wooden box and stored in giant government warehouse filled with countless other boxes like.


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