Thanksgiving 2011

2011 Thanksgiving Myths And Realities :

Before the big dinner, dispel myths, to begin, the first "real" Thanksgiving is not until the late 1800's and go to the root of Thanksgiving 2011.

Thanksgiving Dinner: Recipes for Food Coma?
The key to any menu Thanksgiving Day is a big turkey, cranberry sauce.
It is estimated that 248 million turkeys will be destined for slaughter in the United States in 2011, an increase of 2 percent of the total in 2010, according to the US Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service. Last year, the birds were worth about $ 4.37 billion U.S. th

Some 46 million turkeys ended in the last Thanksgiving tables, or around £ 736 million (334 million kilograms) of turkey meat, according to estimates by the National Federation of Turkey. (See suggestions Green Guide for a greener, more grateful, thanks).

Minnesota is the top U.S. turkey producing state, followed by North Carolina, Arkansas, Missouri, Indiana, Virginia and Indiana.

These "big six", says the production of two out of three times the U.S. birds has increased, according to data compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau.

U.S. farmers will produce 750 million pounds (340,000,000 kg) of cranberries in 2011, which, like turkeys, resident in America. The main producers are Wisconsin and Massachusetts.

Illinois, California, New York, Ohio and pushing the U.S. more than pumpkins.

But if you eat too much at Thanksgiving dinner, there is a price to pay for all this abundance. "Food coma" of the Thanksgiving fatigue after meals may be real, but the condition is to give a bad name the turkeys.

Unlike the myth, the amount of protein tryptophan in most organic turkeys is not responsible for sleepiness.

Instead, scientists blamed alcohol, high-calorie size of a party of the mean, or just plain old relaxing after stressful work schedules.

What was the first Thanksgiving menu?
Little is known about the first Thanksgiving dinner in Plymouth (also spelled Plymouth) Colony in October 1621, attended by 50 English settlers and about 90 Wampanoag American Indian men in what is now Massachusetts.

We know that the Wampanoag party killed five deer, and that the settlers shot wild birds, which may have been geese, ducks, or turkey. In some form or the form of corn were served.

But Jennifer Monaco, spokesman for the planting of the living history museum Plimoth guests said probably completed his game and birds to fish, lobster, clams, nuts and wheat flour and vegetables such as squash, pumpkin , carrots and peas.

"They ate the season," said Monaco in 2009 ", and was the time of year were very happy. There was a lot of vegetables at all, because the harvest was brought in"

Much of what we consider traditional Thanksgiving dishes was unknown to the first Thanksgiving. Potatoes and sweet potatoes had not been English staple food, for example. And cranberry sauce requires sugar expensive delicacy in the 1600s. Also pumpkin pie has disappeared due to lack of crust ingredients.

If you want to eat like a pilgrim yourself, try some of the benefits of Plymouth Plantation, including pompion puree (pumpkin) or traditional Wampanoag succotash.

The first Thanksgiving is not a real Thanksgiving?
American Indian peoples, Europeans and other cultures around the world often celebrate the harvest season with the celebration to thank the higher powers for their livelihood and survival.

In 1541 Francisco Vasquez de Coronado Spanish and his men celebrated "Thanksgiving," the New World in search of gold in what is now the Texas Panhandle.

Later, this type of festival held in the French Huguenot settlers of Jacksonville today, Florida (1564), the Abnaki Indians and English settlers to Maine Kennebec River (1607), and Jamestown, Virginia (1610), when the arrival of food cargo ship ended a brutal famine.

This is the 1621 Plimoth Thanksgiving that is related to the birth of our modern holiday. The truth is the first "real" Thanksgiving took place two centuries later.

All we know about the collection in three days Plimoth just a description in a letter written by Edward Winslow, head of the Plimoth Colony, in 1621, Monac said.
Thanksgiving 2011
The letter had been lost for 200 years and was rediscovered in the 1800s, she added.
In brief update 1841 Boston publisher Alexander Young printed Winslow of the game and added his own twist, dubbing Festival 1621 "First Thanksgiving".
In Winslow "short letter, it became clear that [the 1621 festival] was not something that should be repeated again and again. He was not even a grace, as in the 17th century was a day of fasting. It was a harvest festival, "said Monac.
But after mid-1800's appearance, Young took the name in, to say the least.
U.S. President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863. He was probably influenced in part, the magazine editor Sarah Josepha Hale of, author of the nursery rhyme "Mary had a little lamb", which was proposed to become the Feast Day of Thanksgiving, historians say.In 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt established the current date for compliance, the fourth Thursday of November.

Thanksgiving Turkey On Hold :

Each year, at least two turkeys lucky enough to avoid the dining table, thanks to a presidential pardon in Washington, a long tradition of uncertain origin.

Since 1947, when the Truman administration, the National Turkey Federation has presented two live turkeys and ready to eat turkey to the President of the Federation spokeswoman Sherrie Rosenblatt, said in 2009.

"There are two birds," Rosenblatt said, "Turkey turkey presidential and vice-president candidate, which is an alternative, if the President of Turkey is able to perform his duties."

These costs largely comes down to not bite the President during the photo session with the press. In 2008, the vice-presidency of the birds, "Pumpkin," stepped in appearance with President Bush after the presidential election of the bird, "Pecan," had been ill the night before.

Fortunately once the birds of the same kind of happy destiny as the Super Bowl-winning quarterback mobile Disneyland Big Thunder Ranch in California, where they lived in their natural life.

Since 2010, however, birds have followed the steps of the home's first elected president and the heirs of George Washington in Mount Vernon and gardens.

After the holiday season, however, two turkeys are not publicly available. These, fat farm, fed the birds are not historically accurate, as the birds still roam wild Realty Virginia.

Turkey talk:
The pilgrims were familiar with the turkeys before they landed in America.
This is the first European explorers of the New World had returned to Europe with turkeys in tow after they met in the colonies of American kindergarten. Native Americans had domesticated for centuries, the birds before European contact.

A century later, Ben Franklin made known to prefer the known fact that Turkey, instead of bald eagle, the bird should be the official of the United States.

But Franklin was surprised when, in the 1930s, hunting had decimated the population at the North American wild turkey numbers had been reduced to tens of thousands, up to at least tens of millions of people.

Today, thanks to reintroduction efforts and regulation of hunting, wild turkeys are back.

About seven million wild turkeys are flourishing throughout the United States and many of them have adapted easily to the outside of his speed, probably one of the assets do not get in the way.

Wild turkeys can run about 10-20 miles (16-32 km) per hour and gusts of flying 55 miles (89 km) per hour. Domestic turkeys can not fly at all.

Thank you for the day, step in pig skin:
For many Americans, Thanksgiving without football is just as impossible as July 4th without fireworks.

NBC radio broadcast the first national party Thanksgiving in 1934 when the Lions hosted the Chicago Bears.

Except for a break during World War II, the Lions have played, usually not every day since Thanksgiving. For the game, 2011, at 72, take the Green Bay Packers.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade:
For a couple of party, even if Turkey to take the back seat of the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in New York, originally called Macy's Christmas Parade, as it kicked off the shopping season.The tradition began in 1924 when employees hired zoo animals in Central Park on Thanksgiving Day in March.

Helium balloons made their debut in the parade in 1927 and in the early years, were released over the rooftops of the city with the promise of rewards for their discoverers.

Macy's Parade Thanksgiving Day, the first national television in 1947, now attracts about 44 million viewers, not to mention the 3 million people who actually line 2.5 miles (4 km) route from Manhattan.

Thanksgiving also has the Black Friday retail version of the Super Bowl, where the massive sales and the opening hours at the beginning to lure thrifty consumers.

National Retail Federation research projects of up to 152 million Americans are either brave the crowds at the store's 2011 Black Friday weekend, or take advantage of online shopping sales.

Planes, Trains, and (many) Automobiles:
It may seem that everyone in America is on the road in the Thanksgiving Day, to keep the turkey and stuffing.
Not everyone takes to the road, but 42.5 million to about U.S. 308 million citizens drive over 50 miles (80 kilometers) from home for the holidays of 2011, according to the American Automobile Association.

Additional 3.4 million passengers fly to your vacation destination and another 900,000 to use buses, trains and other means of transport. Thanksgiving Travel slowly recovering from a sharp drop caused by the onset of the recession in 2008.

Thanksgiving north of the border:
Cross-border travelers can celebrate Thanksgiving twice as Canada celebrates its own Thanksgiving Day, second Monday in October.

As the United States, the event is sometimes linked to a historic celebration, as it has no real connection, in this case the explorer Martin Frobisher in 1578, a ceremony that thanked him for his safe arrival in this which is now New Brunswick.

Thanksgiving in Canada, established in 1879, was inspired by the American party. Dates of compliance has fluctuated, sometimes coinciding with American Thanksgiving or veteran Canadian-appreciation holiday, Remembrance Day and at least once this happened as late as December.

However, the colder climate of Canada led to the decision in 1957 that formalized the October date


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