Black Friday Violence 2011

Violence, Pepper Spray In March Black Friday Shopping 
Black Friday turned into a black mark on American buyers that the chaotic crowds brawled over video games, and waffle towels, drawing international condemnation and even raises questions about the status of humanity.One of the most shocking incidents of the day was in the area of ​​Los Angeles, where 20 people were injured after a woman in a Wal-Mart uses pepper spray to gain an advantage over other buyers in a hurry to Xbox consoles .
Walmart one day have seemed worse than many other retailers and consumers screamed, pushed and prodded to save a few dollars. Incidents around the country including a man shot dead by robbers in the parking lot on San Leandro, California, store buyers and sprayed with pepper spray by a store security in Kinston, North Carolina.A struggle for towels, presumably recorded in a shop in Michigan, became a sensation on YouTube.

The towels also caused much chaos in a Walmart in Oregon, Ohio. "They fought for the towels on sale for $ 1.88, as ridiculous as it sounds," police Sgt Jason Druckenmiller said. "One woman tried to get their hands on towels when he was pushed from behind, and when she came out swinging."The company spokesman Greg Rossiter said the violence was marked by a handful of stores, otherwise start the holiday shopping season thousands of Wal-Mart. comment Humanity?

YouTube Video Pandemonium shops in crowded Friday night. Clip Show host crushing and tearing boxes, free-for-all, low-cost phones. Another showed the tide of people save when the doors were raised. "This is what humanity has come for you?" asked one person who commented on the web.

Another said that "it was like a frenzy of piranhas." Classic of the day was mixed with the video of Arkansas for more than $ 2 waffles. Shaky, 48-second video shows screams and cries of men, women and children to climb on each other, grab and launch boxes, a woman apparently did not know that the pants were slipping down the back. "Oh, my God!" a woman shouted shrill cries most important sentence. One person has commented on the video says: "The pinnacle of Western civilization has become." Wal-Mart in Cave Creek, Arizona, was evacuated Thursday evening when a suspicious package found in the employee break room, said Maricopa County Sheriff's Department spokesman Christopher Hegstrom.

A police robot retrieved the package and sniffer dogs searched the store before it reopened.

Video father was injured when he was shot by police in Arizona Wal-Mart has gone viral on YouTube. Video showed a man unconscious and bleeding from the face, as police rolled up and wiped the blood. Witnesses called police accused of brutality and call someone to get attention "911" emergency.

It is said that a man was killed when police used a tape with your hands so you can take a nephew, as the crowd grew around them.Borough Manhattan, New York, buyers unhappy that the Hollister flagship store is open at midnight, like other agencies, raided the store and the clothing was stolen, police said.

Day makes mockery, Black Friday of the bad press and derision outside the United States.

Toronto Globe and Mail's web site titled, said: "pepper spray, shooting galleries and other exhibition halls Black Friday madness."

Dutch television showed the antenna for the hundreds of people camped outside the state of the shops on the west coast. "None of the shops that occupy the shop here in California, but the customers waiting time until the stores open," said the presenter.


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