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Kohl's Corporation (NYSE: KSS) is a chain of department stores based in the Milwaukee suburb of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, operates 1,089 stores in September 2011 states.In 49 in 1998, became the S & P 500 list, and is also listed in the Fortune 500 (# 135 in 2010). The chain of 24 was the largest retailer in the United States in 2008 in terms of turnover.

Maxwell, Kohl, who had already served as a traditional grocery stores, built the first supermarket in 1946, which became the first Southeastern Wisconsin chain known as Kohl's grocery stores. In 1962, Kohl started his first store in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Located between the Kohl's department stores and discount stores sell premium everything from fresh engine oil for sports equipment.

In 1972, bought the U.S. division of the retail market snuff Anglo-American, BATUS Inc., a majority stake in the company of Kohl, who at the time operated 50 grocery stores, six stores, three drug stores and three stores alcohol. Kohl family, led by Allen and Herbert Kohl, continued to manage the company. The family left the leadership in 1979, and Herbert Kohl became a United States Senator and owner of the Milwaukee Bucks.

The company expanded Kohl's presence from 10 to 39 stores in Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana. Grocery stores were sold to A & P in 1983, operating under the name of Kohl and Kohl Food Emporium food later. In February 2003, A & P put food in the shops for the sale of Kohl, in an attempt to reduce debt. In June 2003, A & P plans to close all food stores Kohl and administrative offices. In late 2003, all stores closed areas Kohl.

Although some locations are in enclosed malls, most stores are autonomous.

Kohl works differently than traditional department stores like Macy's or Nordstrom. The most notable difference is that the stores
Kohl halls have centralized payment, where a line is used for output.Kohl also use the "track" in the corridor that surrounds the entire store, a technique borrowed from discount department stores but rarely.

In 2011, Kohl has announced plans to modernize 100 of its 1100 points. The changes are redone to save sections, fitting rooms, and displays the latest products.

A group of investors, including management, acquired the company in 1986, the company added 27 new stores over the next two years. In 1988 he acquired the chain of 26 sites based in Chicago, Main Street, winning several stores in suburban Chicago, Minneapolis, Minnesota and parts of Michigan.  In 1992, the company went public and began a period of expansion.
Kohl in the mid-Atlantic markets in 1997 (opening in many parts of the first clubs, a branch department store brand Strawbridge Pont company in the Philadelphia area), Texas, Missouri and northeast in 1999 (the latest market following the purchase of several former Caldor seats), Georgia and the South East in 2001, in New England in 2002, California and the Southwest in 2003 and the North West in 2006. In April 2005 the company opened stores in Florida and other southern states. Kohl has replaced several former Mervyn stores in the American West

Kohl's design office was opened in January 2007, is located in the fashion district of New York. 23 000 square feet (2100 m2) facility, located at 1359 Broadway, is the first product in the design of the fashion capital of the nation.

Existing stores were renovated to make them more modern, such as high-end department stores. These stores should be remodeled to a certain age and non-profit group in order to qualify for the remodel.

13. October 2009, Kohl's announced the closure of its former distribution center is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to better serve the growing number of stores. Mapping the distribution of Milwaukee, transferred to a central distribution center in Ottawa, Illinois.

And "the end of 2010, Kohl's will open 40 new stores in fiscal 2011.

As of January 2011 was 49 Kohl stores in 50 states (except Hawaii only.


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