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Received Brees Who Are We Chant
We Are New Orleans!  The Received Brees chant to good results.Drew Brees certainly has a way with thoughts.  The 'Who Are We' chant is now notorious around the NFL for its power and love.  It is the rallying telephone around which the group flocks pre-game and is now symbolic of the Workforce earning method.

So what creates it so particular and just what exactly is Received Brees chanting?

Examining through a variety of Team boards it is apparent there is a lot of conjecture first about what he is actually saying and, likewise, the significance of the chant in establishing the develop for the squads present.

What is being said in the Received Brees Who Are We chant?
On the Google solutions panel one publish really promises it is:
One two win, for you,
Three, four, win, some more,
Five, six, win again,
7, 8, win again,
9, 10, win again, win again, win again...
Over at TiggerDroppings.com the Received Brees chant thoughts are said to be:
  • Brees: 1 Players: 2
  • Brees: Win, Players: For You
  • Brees: 3 Players: 4
  • Brees: Win, Players: Some More
  • Brees: 5 Players: 6
  • Brees: Win, Players: Again
  • Brees: 7 Players: 8
  • Brees: Win, Players: Great
  • Brees: 9 Players: 10
  • Brees: Win, Players: Again
  • All: Again, Again, Again, Again!
Elsewhere there are further inconsistent tips. Whatever is the appropriate reply (and you can decide by enjoying the above video) it is clear it has the preferred result of encouraging the group before quit off.  The fact that the Workforce Qb is the man in the center of that huddle claims a lot about Brees' authority features and his work ethos.

Not for him the take a position offish Qb position used by companies Mark Henry or the egotistical wittering of the deluded (Michael Vick - “The next period will be about being the experience of the NFL for the next 10 years").  Instead Brees prospects the group by example with his period extensive planning operate, movie research and procedure.  His pre coordinate rallying telephone and his skilful control of the group on the area are the end of weeks of operate and devotion at the Team procedure features.

The Received Brees chant of champions
Now that may all audio like some awfully sycophantic babble and for that I apologise.  But I for one am pleased to compliment any person in this age who so clearly sports his center on his sleeve and is ready to operate anytime to provide good results to the excellent metropolis of New Orleans.  When people households are being foreclosure, when work are being reduce and when every day people are having difficulties to pay bills it comes as some comfort to at least be able to adhere to a group created up of undrafted denies and no cost providers and all led by a man of quality and humbleness.  I praise you Received Brees and Who We Are... New Orleans!


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