NBC News Anchor Gets On-Air Surprise

Mark Williams disregards fireplace security during ‘NBC Daily News’ broadcast
Level Williams, wide range of NBC's "Nightly Report," commenced its Southern Ocean newscast Friday night with a story on U. s.
Airlines' bankruptcy--and a open fireplace protection.

Just pure a few times into the deliver out, a open fireplace protection distressed Williams, who advised the readers that it was indeed a open fireplace protection before having to creator Tom Costello.

"You'll decrease us, we have a open fireplace protection statement going on here," Williams, a former provide firefighter in Middletown Township, New Cover, said. Later, Williams certain readers that "there is no possibility to us."

The Traditional Ocean did not get to see Williams' deft-handling of the alarm; NBC re-taped the piece for the American Ocean deliver out of "Nightly Report."


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