Joe Paterno Press Conference

Students Rally In His Home In The Center Of Scandal Paterno Of Penn State's Sexual Abuse :
Penn State students and supporters of the head football coach Joe Paterno gathered Tuesday night outside his home amid growing calls for his resignation because of his response to allegations of sexual abuse against a former assistant. The crowd in State College, mostly young, welcomed and applauded hours after Paterno weekly news conference was canceled. Speaking outside the window of his apartment, 84 years, Nittany Lions legend said that he prayed for the victims of the case.
Paterno, long-term coach, record largely untouched, which is under pressure because of his response to accusations made against him, in 2002, a graduate assistant who said he saw a defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky retired sexually assault a guy in the shower on campus football complex.Paterno reported the allegations of his head, and Pennsylvania prosecutor said it seemed that the coach had fulfilled its legal obligations. However, some critics have said, that should have reported suspected abuse to the police.
"We still do not know who is legally guilty," columnist Michael Rosenberg wrote in a website. "But a significant number of employees of the State University are morally guilty. One of them is Joe Paterno."
Joe Paterno Press Conference
Tuesday, Paterno's son, Scott Paterno said on Twitter that the reports of The New York Times, citing people briefed on the subject, that the university authorities were planning to Paterno coaching tenure 46 years have been "premature" . "There is no discussion of retirement with the People's Liberation Front," said Paterno, using the initials of his father. He said the decision to cancel the conference were not new to her father. "Given the current legal situation focused on the recent allegations and charges, we decided that today's press conference can not be taken into account and will be rescheduled," the university said in a statement.
Joe Paterno said Tuesday afternoon that he hopes to hold another press conference soon.
"I know you have a lot of good questions, and I want to respond, but I can not do now," Paterno said after practice. A preliminary hearing for Sandusky, originally scheduled for Wednesday was postponed to December 7, officials said Tuesday afternoon. Sandusky lawyer said more time was needed to bring in witnesses.On Sunday, Penn State announced that two University officials accused by state authorities to report suspected abuse had resigned, one of them return to retirement and the other taking an administrative leave.
Attorney General Linda Kelly, said Monday that the alleged failure of the Penn State Athletic Director Timothy Curley, 57, and Gary Schultz, 62, vice president of the university for economics and business, reporting of abuse claims "probably have a child predator to continue to victimize children in many, many years. "Curley, and Schultz, each charged count of perjury and single counts of failure to report suspicion of abuse, was posted on Monday, a guarantee of $ 75 000 each. Objection at the hearing, their lawyers said the men were innocent of charges and would fight to clear their names.
Joe Paterno Press Conference
Sandusky is accused of sexual offenses, endangering children and "corruption of a minor" charges, which was attended by eight children, all or nearly all who met through the second mile, a charity he founded to help young people in difficulty, according to prosecutors.
Sandusky involvement with the group gave him "access to hundreds of boys, many of whom were vulnerable because of their social situations," said Grand Jury. The former coach said he had engaged in fondling, oral sex and anal sex with young boys on at least 15 years, depending on the synthesis of the investigative grand jury testimony. Source of direct information on the investigation confirmed to CNN Jason Carroll, a man walked in Montoursville, Pennsylvania, the state police station and claimed to have been the victim of Sandusky. Interviews with the man if he is part of the ninth victim, the source said. Sandusky, who served 23 years as defensive coordinator for the Nittany Lions football team before retiring in 1999, a deposit of $ 100 000. His lawyer, Joseph Amendola, did not return a message seeking comment from CNN.
Heard On The Joe Paterno :
The grand jury investigation that led to the charges began with allegations of an alleged victim, who said Sandusky had "abused", and in sexual acts, while the house was invited to coach, according to the Attorney General.The victim met through the second mile, Sandusky, Sandusky, and presumably used expensive gifts, like trips to universities and professional game, golf clubs, computers and money, Kelly said.
The relationship, which began in 2005 and lasted until 2008, consisted of nights at home in Sandusky, where he is playing sexual acts, according to sworn testimony and Kelly high.
Joe Paterno Press Conference
But the most explosive accusations in the report before a grand jury of a 2002 incident in which a graduate student reported seeing Sandusky in the shower to perform anal sex on a young boy, according to a grand jury and prosecutors.
"One of the most compelling and disturbing evidence in this research came from an eyewitness to an alleged sexual assault took place overnight in March 2002, at the Lasch football locker room building on the campus of the University Park" said Kelly. "listen to what sounded like a sexual activity in the showers of a building that was supposed to be empty, a teaching assistant were observed Sandusky sexually assaulting a naked boy appeared to be about 10 years."
Assistant reported the incident Paterno, who in turn alerted the Curley.
Paterno said that he had done his duty to inform Curley.
"It was clear that the witness was upset by what he saw, but never told me that the very specific actions contained in the report of the grand jury. No matter, it was clear that the witness saw something inappropriate the participation of Mr. Sandusky . Sandusky As a coach was removed from our coaching staff at the same time, I referred the matter to the university authorities, "said Paterno.
But instead of reporting the incident to the authorities, Curley and Schultz took the keys to Sandusky wardrobe and banned children in the Mile Two soccer tour of the building, Kelly said.
In his statement, Paterno said the allegations "outrageous."
"Although I did what I wanted in a charge to my attention that everyone involved, I can not help but be saddened by these questions is alleged to have occurred," he said in the declaration.
Prosecutors have not ruled out additional charges or victims in the case.


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